A look inside Masahiko Kimura's dojo 03:12

A look inside Masahiko Kimura's dojo

7037 views, 3093 days ago

Filmed in Tokyo, Japan in the 1950s.

Masahiko Kimura .vs. Helio Gracie 00:53

Masahiko Kimura .vs. Helio Gracie

6423 views, 3093 days ago

One of the original pioneering MMA match (although contested with grappling rules), and how it played out when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's co-founding family challenged Judo's champion at the time.

Kata Guruma drill 00:13

Kata Guruma drill

5170 views, 3093 days ago

Interesting drill where Uke and Tori alternate between pickups without Tori finishing the throw, and escaping the throw as Uke.

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