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Gershon Jacobson - Tribute to Modern Media's Warrior of Truth


Added on Nov 18, 2008

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For 55 years, Gershon Jacobson, a journalist for some of the most famous newspapers, including the New York Herald Tribune, the National Jewish Post and Opinion, the Yiddish Day Jewish Journal and Israel's major daily Yediot Acharonot, was a faithful witness of the destruction, rebirth and renaissance of Jews and Judaism.

Mr. Gershon Jacobson, editor of the Algemeiner Journal, passed away on Sunday afternoon, May 29, 2005 at the age of 70.

In Dr. Elie Weisel's words at the funeral: "Gershon was a warrior for truth. A warrior with a loving heart, In the 50 years that I knew Gershon I never heard a bad word about another person. That is very rare for a journalist."

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