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Kanye West - Good Morning


Added on Oct 23, 2008

Length: 03:08 | Comments: 1

The animated video takes place in a futuristic, colorful world with flying cars and spindle-topped skyscrapers. While the opening beats play, the words "Welcome to Universe City" appear. A bleary-eyed bear wakes up and gets ready for his day. He has one red eye and one black eye. He has a flying car that breaks down, so he joins a line of other animal characters in a bus line, then gives up, tries to take a taxi, but not one will stop. He then misses the train and starts running down the street. He gets gobbled up by a cloud monster; inside he dances around. Then the cloud spits him out in a shower of water. The sun comes out, so the bear puts on sunglasses and he runs onto a college campus and into a football game. He finally arrives at graduation, where runs up to the podium to receive a diploma for Drop Out University. The video ends with the bear flying away in his car with friends.

Kanye West's music video for the song "Good Morning" was animated and directed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

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