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Sea Monsters 5 - Chasing Megalodon - Part 2


Added on Jul 27, 2008

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Nigel Marvin encounters a giant prehistoric shark in the Walking with Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters... I am completely aware that this is not real and so are most of the viewers of this video, so don't bother saying "this is fake" as there is no reason to do so... This program was never meant to fool people or make them believe it showed real life happenings, it's only aim was to make a prehistoric life documentary more interesting... All credit goes to BBC and Impossible Pictures... (Yes, this is a RECREATIONAL documentary, you shouldn't even have to be told!)

Channels: Educational   Space & Sci-Fi   Pets & Animals  

Tags: sea  monsters  nigel    marvin    marven    chasing    megalodon    shark    mourizze 


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