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How It All Ends


Added on Jan 16, 2008

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An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.)... (more) Added: 10/10/07 An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.) WARNING: mature content may be disturbing to some viewers. For your navigation pleasure, the following is a list of the URLs of the entire "Expansion Pack" of videos supporting the video "How It All Ends." These videos anticipate and answer EVERY OBJECTION OR CRITICISM of the argument contained in "How It All Ends" that the author has ever heard. Unbelievable, but true. Go ahead--take 'er for a spin and see if you can find any holes! Just click and enjoy! (Or, have the hairs on the back of your neck raised. . . ) The original video and the entire "Expansion Pack" are also available for download as MP4 files, available for editing, burning, subtitling, mashing up, ripping off, making fun of--whatever. You can download those--as well as the scripts of all the videos--at and also both offer a much easier navigation experience than the links below, as well as discussion forums, and other resources. Check them out!

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