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Colbert Report: Pulp Mccain (Green Screen Challenge)


Added on Jun 29, 2008

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UPDATE (6/21/08): It has come to my attention that the episode of The Colbert Report on which this video aired has been banned from Hulu,, and even from Colbert's page. I'm sorry if I made a video that will somehow be involved in the premature end of The Colbert Report. :P UPDATE (6/20/08): They just aired it on The Colbert Report. Catch the "director's cut" here. :) A quick remashmixup(able?) of Pulp Fiction I put together for the current Stephen Colbert green screen challenge.

Channels: Stupid Video   Funny   Money & Politics  

Tags: john  mccain  barack  obama  stephen  colbert  samuel  jackson  john  travolta  pulp  fiction  green  screen  mashup  remix 


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