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Awkward Pictures: Tasty Burger


Added on Apr 21, 2008

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Everyone wants the delicious burger in this disgusting sketch.

Visit the writer/star Tyler Spindel's Myspace page at

Directed by Payman Benz. Written by Tyler Spindel. Starring Tyler Spindel, Sean Becker, Kyle Guenzler, Adam Shapiro and Kelly Princeton. Cinematographer - Chris Darnell. or

We wanted to make a parody hamburger commercial that completely goes to hell, and hopefully we did that. This is for the vegetarian, the vegan and people who love random humor...and hot blonds on jet packs throwing up. E. Coli is gross, huh?!

Awkward Pictures won the 2006-2007 YouTube Sketchies and hosted the 2007-2008 Sketchies II. You can view their YouTube channel at:

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