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But we're speaking Japanese! 日本語喋ってるんだけど


Added on Jan 20, 2015

Length: 02:11 | Comments: 0

Starring David Takeo Neptune Stella Choe Kat Mcdowell Ken Tanaka Sachiko Ishida Stefhen Bryan Masaki Kusumori Directed by David Neptune and Ken Tanaka with David Ury Based on an idea by Stefhen Bryan Written by Ken Tanaka, David Neptune, David Ury DP Catalina Ausin Sound, Gaffing, Misc. Cody Boesen, Ryoji Kure PA Suzanna

Channels: Stupid Video   Travel & Places   Personal Videos  

Tags: speaking  japanese,  gaijin,  japan,  surprise,  confusion,  treatment  of  foreigners,  awkward  communication,  racial  stereotype 


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