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Most Advanced Robots So Far (up to 2014)


Added on Nov 21, 2014

Length: 37:12 | Comments: 0

Featured robots include: The next generation of NAO Robot Honda Asimo (latest version) Paul the drawing robot Boston Dynamics robots: Wild Cat robot, Petman robot... NASA's curiosity mars rover robot Bionic Kangaroo Actroid (and others)

Channels: Space & Sci-Fi   Technology  

Tags: robots,  robotics,  singularity,  NASA,  Boston  Dyamics,  Honda,  Asmio,  NAO,  Actroid 


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BIG DOG Robot 03:29
by bcmoney
Views: 4715 | Comments: 2

The Robot's Rebellion (by David Icke) 02:04:45
The Robot's Rebellion (by David Icke)
by moxy
Views: 2210 | Comments: 0

Robot Chicken - Metal Militia (s02e11) 10:27

War-Amps PSA: Astar The Robot 00:29
War-Amps PSA: Astar The Robot
by bcmoney
Views: 3611 | Comments: 0

Robot Shopping Cart 01:33
Robot Shopping Cart
by astro_fanatic
Views: 2921 | Comments: 1

Real Transformer Robot Toy 03:21
Real Transformer Robot Toy
by bcmoney
Views: 3185 | Comments: 2

Robot Parade 01:25
Robot Parade
by astro_fanatic
Views: 4320 | Comments: 0

Robot Walks Like Human 01:14
Robot Walks Like Human
by astro_fanatic
Views: 3335 | Comments: 6