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Thundercats - The Astral Prison (S1E22)


Added on Dec 19, 2007

Length: 22:16 | Comments: 2

Jaga is captured by Nemex, an evil being in the Astral world, and Lion-O tries to find a way to rescue him. Third Earth legend says that the only person who can transport anyone to the Astral world is the evil Nether-Witch. Little do the Thundercats know that Mumm-Ra and the Nether-Witch are one and the same. Mumm-Ra traps Lion-O in the Astral world and Lion-O sets out to save Jaga. While escaping the Astral prison, Lion-O and Jaga save an old sorcerer named Brodo who has been imprisoned in the Astral Prison for centuries. As a gesture of thanks, Brodo sends Lion-O back to his own dimension.

Channels: 1980s   Space & Sci-Fi   Art & Animation  

Tags: thundercats  astral  prison  season1  episode22 


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Comments: (2)

Christian the Lion: Reunited 02:27
Christian the Lion: Reunited
by dick
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Lion recognizes former owners 01:16
Lion recognizes former owners
by dick
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Lion hugs woman 00:38
Lion hugs woman
by bryan
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Lion Hugging - Not For Everyone 02:04
Lion Hugging - Not For Everyone
by bryan
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The Lion and the Mouse (1976) 04:06
The Lion and the Mouse (1976)
by bcmoney
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Mr. T's World Of Warcraft Commercial 00:32
Mr. T's World Of Warcraft Commercial
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