American Economic Cannibalism


Added on Aug 12, 2011

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GENOCIDE and slavery may be in our future if we don't learn from the past. This is a disturbing and prophetic lecture from 1994. Ever ask yourself why you are capable of balancing your check book and the best and brightest minds plucked by the government have done everything to ruin it for us and our children when they are paid by us to protect us? Well, the private Federal Reserve (the goons who print your money) actually pay them, you just pay interest to it's shareholders. The more debt the more interest. Just look at the top profitable banks in the world and you'll know who they are. Quotes from Dr John Coleman, Gerald Celente, Tom Hartman, Katherine Austin Fitts are used in this video. For more context, I'd highly suggest you check out the Dr John Coleman's full 2 hour lecture.

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