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Jozef Wadecki Inhumanly Fast Tumbling


Added on Apr 14, 2011

Length: 00:2000 | Comments: 0

Polish tumbler Jozef Wadecki at his best. First routine: front flip off of the springboard, followed by a whipback, back handspring, triple twist, whipback, back handspring & triple twist. Second routine: Round-off into a double layout, whipback, back handspring, full twisting double layout, whipback, whipback, double back with a full twist. This is one of the most impressive gymnastic feats I've ever seen. He should be a superhero.

Channels: Humor  

Tags: Jozef  Wadecki,  inhumanly  fast,  tumbling,  tumbler,  tumble,  gymanstics,  gymnast 


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