19 Dunks that the NBA has NEVER done in the Dunk Contest


Added on Feb 21, 2011

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Well it's been every year that we've lobbied to have the NBA open up their NBA Slam Dunk Contest to the best in the world... First of all.. We are not saying we are even close to being on the same level basketball wise as the NBA but, When it comes to dunking after 7 years of this.. It's quite apparent we are superior... The NBA released their NBA Dunk Contest contestants and instead of lobbying this year for one of our dunkers... we want to help the NBA and the participants out by showing you 19 dunks.. that have never been performed during an NBA Slam Dunk Contest... the tallest person on this clip is 6'5" and the shortest is 5'9" ... We think a few guys should be able to pull some of these off ... because if not... For the 3rd straight year I'm going to be laughing and yelling at the tv during the contest.. Good Luck Contestants.. (For you wise guys... we know we've done more, we just compiled these 19 dunks , We're seeing how this one goes to see if we make a part two)

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