War Vet Sense of Smell (satire)


Added on Mar 18, 2010

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War vet Tyler has had enough and finally deals with all of the rude party guests.

This is an interesting social commentary on how brave men and women are off fighting a war and sacrificing themselves for a cause (whether just or not) while the rest of society which allowed them to be sent off to war in the first place sits around, parties, and farts in their general direction. Shame on us all and our shameless self-indulgence... get up and do something to end pointless wars now!

Additional Credits:
Starring Bryan Cranston
Featuring: David Neher, John McKinney & Jennie Pierson.
Written by David Neher
Directed/Edited by Osmany Rodriguez & Matt Villines
Produced by Mike Farah
Cinematography by Kevin Atkinson
Production Design by Rachel Ferrara
Production Coordinators: Sean Boyle & Michelle Fox
1st A.C. Kevin Porto
Gaffers: Jay Guffey and Champ Kind
P.A.: Matt Mazany
Party People:
Donald Monroe
Joseph Garcia
Peter Lazarus
Matt Flowers
Marisa Pinson
Becky Feldman
Jacob Reed
Bob Turton
Deborah Tarica
Jason Horton
Zdenka Kalina
Solly Duran
Jay Martin
Joan Hawley
Ryan Bailey

Channels: Humor   Causes   Military & War  

Tags: Bryan  Cranston    Breaking  Bad    David  Neher  Farts  Iraq  War  Jennie  Pierson    Party  satire  fart  potty  humor  crude  rude 


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