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Puke in my Mouth (SNL Parody)


Added on Jun 3, 2009

Length: 02:34 | Comments: 0

Making a "Jizz in my Pants"parody is an awful lot of effort to get a guy to leave them alone, but I guess I'll stop calling them

Created by Pantless Knights
Produced by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia
Camera by Peter Furia
Lyrics by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia
Vocals by Erika Shumate & Lauren Curtis
Beat by Ranidu
Starring Michelle Nunes & Kate Siegel

Channels: Humor   Music   Stupid Video  

Tags: puke  in  my  mouth  jizz  in  my  pants  SNL  parody  mockery  Andy  Samberg 


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