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Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Meltdown: SUPPORT JAPAN NOW!

On March 11th, 2011 the Tohoku region of Japan experienced one of the worst modern disasters of our time, an Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiocative leakage from a Nuclear reactor's subsequent meltdown.
Geigermeter readings in Tokyo and Japan in general, are available at GeigerMap (Japanese) and a live video feed is available at U-Stream.TV You can buy or build your own Geiger-counter with the info here. Live footage from Fukushima is available here, courtesy of a courageous Japanese reporter named Iwakami Yasumi. The Japanese need help rebuilding from the disaster and containing the nuclear fallout. Please consider donating to one of the following charities:
Help and resources for Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami victims is available through the various People Finding Tools for Victims / Survivors North-east Japan has been swamped by a major tsunami - and the entire Pacific region is now on alert. It was caused by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck 130 kilometres off the eastern coast - sending a reported 10-metre wall of water inland, causing widespread devastation. 32 people are confirmed dead - but that number's expected to rise. The wave has also reached Russia's Kuril islands to the north, reportedly around a metre high. In Japan, 200 people have reportedly been washed away, with several others missing in Japan's Sendai city. Tokyo's been all-but shut down - with fires and injuries widely reported there. Millions are without electricity. Norita International Airport is also closed. 20 powerful aftershocks have been recorded since the first quake, which was the strongest ever recorded in Japan - and the 6th biggest-ever. An earthquake has now been felt in Hawaii - measuring 4.5 - with tsunami waves expected within a few hours.

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