A group for those who consider themselves "Children of the 80s"... Whether you were born during the decade or not, if you're an 80s aficionado come on in!

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Crawl for the Cure
The Crawl for the Cure group promotes the annual Pub Crawl taking place in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada in support of raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic Chapter. It is also meant to encourage people to organize similar events in their own town, city or region.

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Guitar Hero: Gods of Rock
GODS of ROCK is a group for the elite Guitar Heros of the world... join this group only if you don't suck! If you think you don't suck royally at Guitar Hero, then show the world your stylez... let's see what you got!!!

on Mar 13, 2008 |  Status : public

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Conspiracy Theorists, Investigative Journalists and Political Leaders unite and share your theories, or information about particular causes you may have, related to revealing a conspiracy, political corruption, cult movement or other related issue.

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This is a group for Developers, wishing to gain free access to the APIs or subscription areas of the site.

We currently need all types of skilled developers, but the following skillsets are extremely welcomed:

-XML parsing
-RDF & RSS data manipulations
-OWL and Ontology maintenance
-Video Truthing
-Mobile Application Development
-Data compression
-Java & J2EE

on Dec 14, 2007 |  Status : public

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This is where those wishing to advertise within our system can come to post their information and say hi. No actual advertisements permitted in here, however... (for that you'll have to go to the bottom of the site and click on the Advertise link for details on how to get your ad in the network).

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This is a group for those brave souls who wish to test our initial releases. Ganbatte ne! (That's Japanese for "Good Luck!")

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"I'm a nothing. I spend my life counting other people's money. People I'm smarter than. Better than! I want... I want... I want everything I've ever seen in the movies!" ~Leo Bloom, The Producers (1968)

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For those kind individuals or groups of people, fans, or supporters who wish to help the project by translating the services into their country's national language(s).

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At BCmoney we'll never pick you up and then leave you at the curb... so put those posters down and pick up your pens!

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For users who are too busy, or, don't want the responsibility of testing early feature releases, but still want to enjoy the liberties of our great services. We love you all and that's why we consider everyone "Friends" not users, as most Social Networks and Web Services tend to refer to their members as. It's through your valuable contributions and actual use of our system that keeps us alive, thanks for keeping us a free and independent information source on the world wide web!

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Manage your Christmas Shopping and Wish Lists including ranking importance, calculating prices and where to buy individual items. Also, the Secret Santa feature connects users in a gift exchange. This group was created to keep track of bugs, feedback and any other suggestions or discussion related to XmasListz.

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