Everyday Normal Guy 2 03:41

Everyday Normal Guy 2

by mccluskey
2947 views, 5404 days ago

White rapper.

Jerry C - Canon Rock 05:20

Jerry C - Canon Rock

by mccluskey
3161 views, 5403 days ago

Jerry C playing Canon Rock

Mainstream Media Commercial 01:53

Mainstream Media Commercial

by bryan
3227 views, 5403 days ago

A commercial for "The Mainstream Media." By comedian Jon Lajoie.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 03:30

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

by DCworks
2622 views, 5402 days ago

You've been Rick Rolled!

Usain Bolt Celebrates Early ... Very Early 01:08

Usain Bolt Celebrates Early ... Very Early

by bryan
2418 views, 5398 days ago

Check out Quite Library for more funny vids.

This guy can do A LOT in 9.69 seconds.

Thx to

Not Giving a F#@k! 02:23

Not Giving a F#@k!

by bryan
2704 views, 5396 days ago

A commercial by Jon Lajoie. www.jonlajoie.com

Metallica - The Day That Never Comes 08:05

Metallica - The Day That Never Comes

by rinz
3255 views, 5396 days ago

Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (The 2008 Metallica's Brand New Single, taked from the album Death Magnetic Out 12 Sptember 2008) Live at Leeds festival 2008. Link to download the video: h...

The Kiss 04:38

The Kiss

by UnityProductions
2936 views, 5394 days ago

Unity Productions\' popular Living Statues stage show created by Serge Dulac.

Robot Shopping Cart 01:33

Robot Shopping Cart

by astro_fanatic
3148 views, 5390 days ago

The day of judgement is upon us... first our shopping lists, then every daily task, then the takeover... hahah...

South Park - Canada On Strike 21:44

South Park - Canada On Strike

by sibichan
6913 views, 5389 days ago

South Park Season 12, Episode 171 - Canada On Strike features Canada going on strike because they want more internet money. For more South Park, check out South Park on

Swinger States 04:19

Swinger States

by GoodMagazine
3029 views, 5387 days ago

In the competition to secure 270 electoral votes, Barry and Johnny are practicing the delicate art of seduction to pick up those coy swing states. An original GOOD Video.

Mr.T - Understanding Cancer TV 07:15

Mr.T - Understanding Cancer TV

by UnderstandCancerTV
4360 views, 5385 days ago

Mr. T, cancer survivor of 12 years, feels it's his responsibility to deal with his cancer publicly so others can be encouraged to fight their cancer as he has. For more visit us at -- www.understan...

Chamillionaire - Evening News 04:15

Chamillionaire - Evening News

by moxy
2889 views, 5385 days ago


Orange Teeth 01:08

Orange Teeth

by 5minStudio
2766 views, 5385 days ago

A dinner trick that always works This trick is so stupid but it always works.

Social Media in Plain English 03:43

Social Media in Plain English

by CommonCraft
3952 views, 5380 days ago

A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media.

My Dick 03:23

My Dick

by mccluskey
3317 views, 5380 days ago

Music Video featuring Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy. Directed by Alex Robertson-Dworet. PhanaticFilms.com

The Tale Of How 04:28

The Tale Of How

by BlackheartGang
3094 views, 5369 days ago

Nine months of part time work gave birth to The Blackheart Gang’s acclaimed short film called, The Tale of How. The Tale of How is the second part of a trilogy of works called the Dodo Trilogy. It ...

Ali G - Satellites and the Tele 05:53

Ali G - Satellites and the Tele

by thesns
3703 views, 5367 days ago

Ali G talks to an expert about satellite television, and the telephone

Fake and Gay 02:57

Fake and Gay

by Break
4094 views, 5362 days ago

Fake and Gay the secret to success on the internet...

From the makers: "This video was totally fake and extremely gay. The latest ."


The Ninja Cat 01:13

The Ninja Cat

by Break
2803 views, 5362 days ago

This cat mysteriously moves up the hallway without moving his feet...