Astroboy INTRO Theme 01:16

Astroboy INTRO Theme

by astro_fanatic
4136 views, 5650 days ago

The opening montage we all know and love. It's Astroboy, complete with classic 80s theme song!

Astroboy: The Birth of Astroboy (S1E1) 24:11

Astroboy: The Birth of Astroboy (S1E1)

by astro_fanatic
8894 views, 5650 days ago

Astroboy is born in this pilot episode of the 80s classic that is often proclaimed as having launched an entire industry of anime in Japan.

Seinfeld - The Puerto Rican Day (S9E20) 21:55

Seinfeld - The Puerto Rican Day (S9E20)

by boomstick
4230 views, 5650 days ago

This episode of Seinfeld was apparently "too much for TV". Welcome to the web, where you can view anything you want and are not limited by MPAA restrictions. You can also easily set parental co...

Star Wars - Duality 06:15

Star Wars - Duality

by astro_fanatic
4034 views, 5649 days ago

This entry into the annual Lucas Arts Fan Film Competition won the coveted "Fan Film of the Year" award back in 2002... Set just a few years before The Phantom Menace, the story follows the app...

Thundercats - The Astral Prison (S1E22) 22:16

Thundercats - The Astral Prison (S1E22)

by boomstick
13308 views, 5649 days ago

Jaga is captured by Nemex, an evil being in the Astral world, and Lion-O tries to find a way to rescue him. Third Earth legend says that the only person who can transport anyone to the Astral world...

Rock Band 03:46

Rock Band

by TheLyle
4104 views, 5621 days ago

this is my first attempt at the song on expert,pretty easy but not too shabby

How It All Ends 09:33

How It All Ends

by bcmoney
8755 views, 5621 days ago

An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.)... (more) Added: 10/10/07 An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.) WARNING: mature content may be disturbing to some viewers. For your na...

Mes Jean Shorts 04:23

Mes Jean Shorts

by RStyles
5473 views, 5647 days ago

Ruairi and Joel playing their famous song Jean shorts on Graham Street one memorable night.

Acadia Professor launches HCDI 02:33

Acadia Professor launches HCDI

by bcmoney
5922 views, 5647 days ago

Andre Trudel, a professor of Computer Science at Acadia University, recently announced the 'launch' of HCDI (or Human-Computer-Dog-Interface) which allows pet owners to play fetch with, feed and sp...

Visionaries - The Dark Hand of Treachery - S1E2 19:56

Visionaries - The Dark Hand of Treachery - S1E2

by boomstick
3046 views, 5644 days ago

Episode 2 of the classic 80s cartoon series Visionaries, entitled "The Dark Hand of Treachery".

Seinfeld - Show About Nothing (Preview) 00:11

Seinfeld - Show About Nothing (Preview)

by bcmoney
2960 views, 5644 days ago

This clip summarizes Seinfeld nicely...

Pepsi: Not Beckham's Day 00:29

Pepsi: Not Beckham's Day

by bcmoney
2703 views, 5644 days ago

It's certainly not David Beckham's day in this comical TV ad which depicts the star footballer at his (rare) worst.

John West: Bear Fight 00:29

John West: Bear Fight

by bcmoney
4017 views, 5644 days ago

Monkey Brushes Teeth 00:30

Monkey Brushes Teeth

by dick
13974 views, 5643 days ago

Brushing 2-3 times daily is one of the best ways to ensure you have a healthy smile. Luckily, brushing is so easy, even a monkey could do it!

Need dental work? Visit some of the best...

Beware of Bruxism 01:59

Beware of Bruxism

by bcmoney
2350 views, 5643 days ago

Bruxing is the grinding of the teeth or repeated clenching of the jaw. It often happens to people subconcsiously, while they are asleep and is most commonly attributed to stress or anxiety.

Bridges Build Better Smiles 00:30

Bridges Build Better Smiles

by bcmoney
2563 views, 5643 days ago

Bridges help maintain the shape of your face, as well as alleviating the stress in your bite by replacing missing teeth.

History of Dentistry 00:59

History of Dentistry

by dick
3023 views, 5643 days ago

The long history of Dentistry is briefly outlined in this intro video.

Veneers for a Valiant Smile 00:30

Veneers for a Valiant Smile

by bcmoney
3031 views, 5643 days ago

With modern dentistry's many advances, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Veneers are an effective and affordable way to improve your smile and help you to smile w...

Crowning your Smile 00:30

Crowning your Smile

by bcmoney
3361 views, 5643 days ago

If you want a smile that's your crowning glory, you may need a crown to cover a tooth and restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance.

How to make Chinese Tea 01:40

How to make Chinese Tea

by fifacelia
3222 views, 5641 days ago

Demonstration of the proper way to prepare Chinese Tea in Fujian.