Gaki no Tsukai - Hey Hey Hey English episode 05:28

Gaki no Tsukai - Hey Hey Hey English episode

by YoshimotoKogyo
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This is an episode of Gaki no Tsukai, a comedy/variety show which often turns to humorous and potentially painful pranks and challenges.

It is brought to you by

Best Wave of My Life 04:38

Best Wave of My Life

by HighTV
2786 views, 4837 days ago

Shane Dorian's Ultimate Ride.

B.J. Penn Highlight - The Prodigy 08:51

B.J. Penn Highlight - The Prodigy

by boomstick
3203 views, 4835 days ago

One of the best B.J. Penn Highlights out there... entitled "The Prodigy" By HipnotiK.

Fake and Gay 02:57

Fake and Gay

by Break
3552 views, 4817 days ago

Fake and Gay the secret to success on the internet...

From the makers: "This video was totally fake and extremely gay. The latest ."


No Pants 2k8 02:28

No Pants 2k8

by ImprovEverywhere
2771 views, 4814 days ago

900 New Yorkers participate in the 7th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride.

DGENERATE NATION - Skate With Me 03:04


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Solar Cans - CBC 02:36

Solar Cans - CBC

by bryan
2910 views, 4809 days ago

Solar heating your home with pop cans. Click here go here for pics of a solar heater someone built on their own... same design as the one in this video (and comments from the builder.) http:...

South Park - 9/11 Conspiracy (S10E09) 21:51

South Park - 9/11 Conspiracy (S10E09)

by moxy
7702 views, 4766 days ago


Tonight Southpark focused...

Robot Chicken - Metal Militia (s02e11) 10:27

Robot Chicken - Metal Militia (s02e11)

by GuterTP
6358 views, 4970 days ago


Metal Militia

A kid gets a used-car surprise: a Tron cycle! Young Indiana Jones finds treasure in his elementary school. Rom the ...

Digital Projector Technology 02:55

Digital Projector Technology

by bryan
3757 views, 4993 days ago

DLP Technology at IFA 2008 Booth Tour Hall 26, Booth 102

Michael Guillory, Marketing Communication Manager (DLP at TexasInstruments)

DLP Products Discover...

Macho Man - Be A Man Hogan 03:11

Macho Man - Be A Man Hogan

by bcmoney
4061 views, 4835 days ago

The stunning debut album from the late great wrestler randy savage released in 2003 by Big 3 Records.

MadTV - Eminem Parody 02:22

MadTV - Eminem Parody

by DCworks
3662 views, 4740 days ago

Parody of Eminem's song "Without Me".

Thundercats - (Fanmade) Trailer 02:31

Thundercats - (Fanmade) Trailer

by TheLyle
4015 views, 4700 days ago

Watch in HD please! Thanks for watching!
Thundercats live action trailer using Hollywood actors Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman among others.

All the effects were done frame ...

History of the Internet 08:10

History of the Internet

by astro_fanatic
4730 views, 4675 days ago

The interesting history of the internet...

YouTube to Users - Make a video that doesnt suck 02:31

YouTube to Users - Make a video that doesnt suck

by TheOnion
4667 views, 4669 days ago

This just in... YouTube has challenged its user base to create a video that doesn’t suck! Possible rewards maybe available, but probably not...

Life Lessons 02:57

Life Lessons

by mccluskey
9952 views, 4643 days ago

Life Lessons with Jon Lajoie.

Wake Up Citizens The New World Order is Coming 10:00

Wake Up Citizens The New World Order is Coming

by moxy
2612 views, 4388 days ago

The New World Order is no conspiracy. It is an agenda that has been in play for years and is now coming into full view. Wake up fellow citizens!! See what's happening. Research the

Evolution is Now 09:22

Evolution is Now

by bcmoney
3164 views, 4383 days ago

An excerpt from Maxwell Igans' Video The Calling

Full Video

World Record Dodgeball Game 02:20

World Record Dodgeball Game

by bcmoney
1916 views, 4313 days ago

1200 students at the University of Alberta who weren't good enough for the football, basketball, hockey or even soccer team play in the world's biggest dodgeball game.

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills 01:29

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills

by bcmoney
2072 views, 4206 days ago

This is a real bear, at the public zoo in Hiroshima, Japan.