Human Wrecking Balls 07:01

Human Wrecking Balls

by G4TV
3672 views, 5184 days ago

Craig and Paul Pumphrey, the Human Wrecking Balls themselves will be in studio to compete in a contest of strength by breaking cinder blocks, baseball bats, frying pans and anything else they can g...

Family Guy - Ensign Ricky 00:11

Family Guy - Ensign Ricky

by DCworks
10118 views, 4994 days ago

Clip from Family Guy that parodies Star Trek.

Futurama - The Scary Door 00:58

Futurama - The Scary Door

by DCworks
21865 views, 4992 days ago

Parody of "The Twilight Zone" from the Futurama movie "Bender's Game".

The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants 02:32

The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants

by cartermatty
13872 views, 4976 days ago

The first single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD". In stores 02/10/2009.

Video features guest appearanc...

Vanessa Hudgens - Sneaker Night 03:07

Vanessa Hudgens - Sneaker Night

1995 views, 4939 days ago

I think Vanessa Hudgens - Sneakernight - Official Music Video (HQ) is MONEY!

German Coast Guard 00:40

German Coast Guard

by bmommy
3747 views, 4918 days ago

Funny commercial to promote learning English!

Eminem - We Made You 04:38

Eminem - We Made You

by mbrison
3501 views, 4879 days ago

Directed by Joseph Khan.
Shady/Aftermath/Interscope 2009.

One word: Hilarious.

Rex Kwon Do 02:24

Rex Kwon Do

by brett
16826 views, 4813 days ago

Who wants a roundhouse kick to the head when I'm wearing these badboys!?!?

Happatai - Yatta 04:11

Happatai - Yatta

by bryan
5224 views, 4794 days ago

An oldie but a goodie... in case anyone needs a laugh in the middle of a recession.

Frog Wedding 00:4600

Frog Wedding

by ThatHappened
4758 views, 4778 days ago

At this froggy wedding, everyone's hoping it will rain. (talk about marrying other species Mr.Kilmeade)

Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (Evangelion Music Video) 05:38

Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (Evangelion Music Video)

12621 views, 4774 days ago

I think Japanese Music - Beautiful World - Utada Hikaru is MONEY!

BIG DOG Robot 03:29


by bcmoney
4676 views, 4761 days ago

The quadrupedal pack robot from Boston Dynamics, designed for military use.

Jon Lajoie - Radio Friendly Song 04:08

Jon Lajoie - Radio Friendly Song

by bryan
2749 views, 4737 days ago

I hate the radio...

Gulf Oil States To Stop Using US Dollar Oct 2009 06:43

Gulf Oil States To Stop Using US Dollar Oct 2009

by moxy
2896 views, 4698 days ago

Thank you and Wake Up.rnrnThe film clip is from the 1981 film called Roll Over. Get out your popcorn mates, it's show time.rnrnThe plot is: An Arab oil organization devises a plan to wreck the worl...

Real-life Gambit (from X-Men) 02:11

Real-life Gambit (from X-Men)

by bcmoney
2906 views, 4521 days ago

This guy should play gambit in the next X-Men movie, or maybe at least double for him as a card-thrower...

DJ Lubel - Wrong Hole Song 02:48

DJ Lubel - Wrong Hole Song

by cartermatty
4226 views, 4686 days ago

Whose to say which hole is "right" or "wrong," anyway? Oh. The girl. That makes sense. Featuring Scott Baio!

By DJ Lubel

Short Circuitz - Night Magic 02:09

Short Circuitz - Night Magic

by Emily
4042 views, 4641 days ago

This is the animated short Night Magic from Miramar's Imaginaria. It was also among the shorts to air as part of YTV's Short Circutz in the mid 90s. if you're wondering about the quality, there'...

Fight Science MMA - Bas Rutten Kicks a Crash Test Dummy 03:56

Fight Science MMA - Bas Rutten Kicks a Crash Test Dummy

by boomstick
15014 views, 4640 days ago

National Geographic measures the viscous criteria (VC) of Bas Rutten's kick using a crash test dummy.

South Park - Facebook Sucks 02:35

South Park - Facebook Sucks

by thesns
12853 views, 4506 days ago

Stan is trying to avoid joining Facebook but finds out its too late... his schoolwork and personal time then suffers immediately

Black Sheep (2006) 01:26:40

Black Sheep (2006)

by YouTube2
2652 views, 4428 days ago

Black Sheep (2006) on IMDB