John Mayer - Say 03:56

John Mayer - Say

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I think John Mayer: Say (music video from The Bucket List) is MONEY!

'Tron' Comic-Con Footage 02:29

'Tron' Comic-Con Footage

by astro_fanatic
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Jeff Bridges returns as Kevin Flynn in this first look at the long-awaited sequel.

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell 03:23

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

by bryan
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Can't believe they're making this shit into a movie...

Funniest Movie Death Scenes 04:23

Funniest Movie Death Scenes

by thesns
3832 views, 4707 days ago

This is a compilation of the most ridiculous death scenes from old, cheesy movies. I've taken the scenes from the following films in this order:rnrn-Shark Attack 3rn-Enter The Ninjarn-Undefeatabler...

AC/DC - Who Made Who 03:51

AC/DC - Who Made Who

by bryan
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Maximum Overdrive (1986) music video version

Terminator (1984) 01:48:00

Terminator (1984)

by YouTube2
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The Terminator (1984) on IMDB

Short Circuit (1986) 01:38:00

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) 01:18:00

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

by YouTube2
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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) on IMDB

Rejected MTV Movie Award Shorts 02:20

Rejected MTV Movie Award Shorts

by mbrison
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"MTV asked us to make some shorts for the 2009 Movie Awards. We gave them eight or nine, and they were like, 'uhhhhh...'"

By Fatal Farm

The Ice Pirates (1984) 01:33:56

The Ice Pirates (1984)

by YouTube2
2464 views, 4678 days ago

In the far future water is the most valuable substance. Two space pirates are captured, sold to a princess, and recruited to help her find her father who disappeared when he found information dange...

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) 01:45:00

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

by YouTube2
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) on IMDB

Naked Lunch (1991) 01:50:00

Naked Lunch (1991)

by YouTube2
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After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs ...

Princess Mononoke (1997) 02:14:00

Princess Mononoke (1997)

by YouTube2
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Mononoke Hime



Weekend at Bernie's (1989) 01:31:03

Weekend at Bernie's (1989)

by YouTube2
2223 views, 4601 days ago

A pair of losers try to pretend that their murdered employer is really alive, but the murderer is out to "finish him off."

The Meatrix 03:46

The Meatrix

by bryan
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The movie that started it all! The Meatrix spoofs The Matrix films and highlights the problems with factory farming. Inste...