Celebrity Voting PSA 04:45

Celebrity Voting PSA

by moxy
2569 views, 4983 days ago

October 4th is the cut-off date in many States, others extend another 5-7 days... check your zone and get your registration sent in NOW!!!

Economic Idiocracy 07:23

Economic Idiocracy

by moxy
2933 views, 4969 days ago

Although this is also a film all to itself, It is essentually part of a larger work. This slideshow style film shows how BIG BUSINESS has corrupted our lives and turned the United States worforce f...

The Rap Music Pyramid Conspiracy (Real Pimps) 06:57

The Rap Music Pyramid Conspiracy (Real Pimps)

by ArmedMC
4340 views, 4967 days ago

An inside look into the truth behind music labels. What you are about to see might shock you!!

Financial Crisis: Visual Explanation 06:07

Financial Crisis: Visual Explanation

by dick
2701 views, 4960 days ago

Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch gives a bubbly explanation of the intricacies of collateralized debt obligations those financial instruments that got us into this financial mess.

Killing Button 05:12

Killing Button

by thesepeople
2497 views, 4956 days ago

Shocktobersketch 3, Week 1 Holy balls! This button kills people!

Visit ThesePeopleComedy for more great sketches and inde...

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Get A Haircut 03:18

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Get A Haircut

by bryan
3040 views, 4949 days ago

Got a haircut, and a "real" job?

Gershon Jacobson - Tribute to Modern Media's Warrior of Truth 10:49

Gershon Jacobson - Tribute to Modern Media's Warrior of Truth

by Acolin
3330 views, 4935 days ago

For 55 years, Gershon Jacobson, a journalist for some of the most famous newspapers, including the New York Herald Tribune, the National Jewish Post and Opinion, the Yiddish Day Jewish Journal and ...

How Obama Got Elected 04:15

How Obama Got Elected

by moxy
2376 views, 4933 days ago

See how media coverage of the 2008 election impacted what Obama voters knew (or thought they knew) about the campaign.

J Mac - A Hoop Dream 05:26

J Mac - A Hoop Dream

by bcmoney
3273 views, 4924 days ago

This is the story of Jason McElwain by ESPN - who produced the best piece on this amazing story.

Mystery Method - Fear of the Approach 05:17

Mystery Method - Fear of the Approach

by cartermatty
2208 views, 5162 days ago

Mystery Method The Game Neil Strauss Mystery Method seduction dating pickup Style.

Steven the Vegan 02:36

Steven the Vegan

by mandy
2076 views, 5099 days ago

A humourous video about a chef explaining his veganism, originally taken from Steven the Vegan on Old English Podcast...

AMERICA IS TYRANNY by George Carlin 04:40


by dick
4716 views, 5138 days ago

This is George Carlin, comedian, speaking an awful lot of truth. America is run by large corporate interests and they seek to keep the population stupid and inept so they can do as they please with...

Creationism with Ricky Gervais 09:55

Creationism with Ricky Gervais

by moxy
5329 views, 5004 days ago

Ricky Gervais with some hillarious stand-up on biblical creation.

Le Secret (2006) 01:29:29

Le Secret (2006)

by nikita
6948 views, 5004 days ago

Le Secret 1 La loi de l'attraction 1 Pensee positive, a video from Yahn25.

PARTIE/PART 1 - Formes-pensees, creatrices, Croyance, Foi, personnel

Christmas in Killarney 02:56

Christmas in Killarney

by Jaysay
3625 views, 4914 days ago

It's Christmas in Killarney, a holiday music video based on the traditional Irish Christmas. Just watch them get more and more drunk... then do so yourself.

Elderly Ghetto Gospel Choir 05:11

Elderly Ghetto Gospel Choir

by thesns
3275 views, 4913 days ago

Straight outta the retirement home, this Funky Fresh Senior Choir is here to tear down the house – in between naps of course. They cover a variety of hip-hop acts, including Nelly, Outkast and Cham...

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit 02:29

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

2530 views, 4910 days ago

This is the classic song about Alice in Wonderland...

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) 25:42

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

by bryan
60709 views, 4906 days ago

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) is the first of many prime-time animated TV specials based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It was produced and directed by former Warner Bros. a...

Jim Gaffigan on the Holidays 05:15

Jim Gaffigan on the Holidays

by thesns
2886 views, 4903 days ago

Jim Gaffigan performs his hillarious stand-up bit on the Holidays... from standupfan

Girl Cries After Getting Porn From Santa 01:09

Girl Cries After Getting Porn From Santa

by thesns
4241 views, 4899 days ago

Dec. 28: A Tennessee girl bursts into tears after her new MP3 player comes loaded with pornography. WSMV-TV's Nancy Amons reports.