TED : Jeff Han (2006) Ideas Worth Sharing 09:31

TED : Jeff Han (2006) Ideas Worth Sharing

by bcmoney
5780 views, 5466 days ago

http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=5JcSu7h-I40 ------------------------------------------------ http://ted.com/tedtalks - Jeff Han is a research scientist for NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical S...

Tim Berners Lee on the Semantic Web 08:23

Tim Berners Lee on the Semantic Web

by bcmoney
2811 views, 5423 days ago

Tim Berners Lee talks to Technology Review on the Semantic Web, a film by Upland Productions

Solar Cans - CBC 02:36

Solar Cans - CBC

by bryan
3288 views, 5224 days ago

Solar heating your home with pop cans. Click here go here for pics of a solar heater someone built on their own... same design as the one in this video (and comments from the builder.) http:...

Prometeus - The Media Revolution 05:14

Prometeus - The Media Revolution

by bryan
4670 views, 5346 days ago

Man is God. He is everywhere, he is anybody, he knows everything. This is the Prometeus new world. All started with the Media Revolution, with Internet, at the end of the last century. Everythi...

The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 - Today 02:52

The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 - Today

by bryan
3042 views, 5342 days ago

The Evolution of Mobile Phones... full details at: http://justamp.blogspot.com

RSS in Plain English 03:44

RSS in Plain English

by CommonCraft
2719 views, 5328 days ago

This video describes the benefits of using RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) to aggregate your viewing and subscribe to specific content of interest on site which you frequent.

Robot Shopping Cart 01:33

Robot Shopping Cart

by astro_fanatic
3015 views, 5261 days ago

The day of judgement is upon us... first our shopping lists, then every daily task, then the takeover... hahah...

Social Media in Plain English 03:43

Social Media in Plain English

by CommonCraft
3819 views, 5251 days ago

A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media.

Ali G - Satellites and the Tele 05:53

Ali G - Satellites and the Tele

by thesns
3586 views, 5237 days ago

Ali G talks to an expert about satellite television, and the telephone

Fake and Gay 02:57

Fake and Gay

by Break
3972 views, 5233 days ago

Fake and Gay the secret to success on the internet...

From the makers: "This video was totally fake and extremely gay. The latest ."


Brilliant Newfoundlander with Solution to Big Oil! 03:48

Brilliant Newfoundlander with Solution to Big Oil!

by bryan
3430 views, 5224 days ago

Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel.

Digital Conversion Time 01:56

Digital Conversion Time

by bmommy
4647 views, 5158 days ago

This is worth the 1 minute 53 seconds to view!

More details on the Analog Shutdown avail...

The Matrix Runs on Windows 03:56

The Matrix Runs on Windows

by astro_fanatic
3270 views, 5173 days ago

It's a viral video perfect storm: a high budget, anti-Windows, Matrix parody. Those Internet geeks are going to go nuts when they see it. Seriously, I bet this already has 10 billion Diggs, and eve...

History of the Internet 08:10

History of the Internet

by astro_fanatic
5082 views, 5091 days ago

The interesting history of the internet...

Monkey-proofing a Laptop 00:57

Monkey-proofing a Laptop

by bcmoney
3310 views, 5438 days ago

Interesting commercial highlighting how to monkey-proof a laptop... done to promote the Panasonic ToughBook. ------------------------ FROM YouTube ------------------------- http://www.youtube.c...

Nokia Morph Concept 03:24

Nokia Morph Concept

by bcmoney
2945 views, 5427 days ago

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Morph can sense its environment, is energy harvesting and self cleaning . ...

Google TV & Spot Runner 08:05

Google TV & Spot Runner

by bcmoney
2743 views, 5414 days ago

CNBC discussion of Google's TV initiatives and how Spot Runner has a head start on them.

End of World and Other News 03:24

End of World and Other News

by DCworks
3196 views, 5400 days ago

Cern http://public.web.cern.ch/Public/Welc... Large Hadron Collider http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/ On Flickr by Zipckr & TimTom & Image Editor http://flickr.com/photos/zipckr/23161... http:/...

Mobiles pop Popcorn 00:45

Mobiles pop Popcorn

by bryan
2581 views, 5346 days ago

Who can explain this? anybody?

RC Cooler 00:32

RC Cooler

by bmommy
2961 views, 5326 days ago

Beer Cooler with wheels.... what will they think up next?