Halloween Lightshow set to Thriller 06:01

Halloween Lightshow set to Thriller

by bcmoney
1685 views, 3614 days ago

Someone must have alot of time on their hands... impressive though!

Shadow Hawk Drones 02:38

Shadow Hawk Drones

by moxy
1509 views, 3324 days ago

Shadow Hawk drones are capable of tasing victims from up to 100 feet away (in mid air). Antisec and Anonymous have

Shade - Zombie Transformation 03:48

Shade - Zombie Transformation

by bcmoney
1151 views, 2904 days ago

Starring Léa Ningres. Directed, shot and edited by Gioacchino Petronicce Shot on: Canon 7D & 5D mark III Ze...

Victorian Undead 04:01

Victorian Undead

by bcmoney
982 views, 2891 days ago

Just in time for Halloween is this excellent short from Paravel Films.

Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion 00:55

Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion

by bcmoney
939 views, 2889 days ago

An animated carved Pumpkin Stop Motion I finished this week. Enjoy! Animation - Auke de Vries Music - Jelte de Vries Pumpkins by - Taylor Vegetables Express

PSYCHOPATHS And How To Identify Different Types Of Them 07:00

PSYCHOPATHS And How To Identify Different Types Of Them

by moxy
2102 views, 2870 days ago

There's a difference between what a psychopath is and what Hollywood tells us they are.

When Harry Met Sally meets Twilight 04:31

When Harry Met Sally meets Twilight

by bcmoney
2379 views, 2610 days ago

The remake of 'When Harry Met Sally' that everyone has been waiting for is finally here.

Starring: Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren and featuring the many talents of Rob Reiner, Adam Scott...

Devils  Baby Attack prank in NYC 01:49

Devils Baby Attack prank in NYC

by bcmoney
2958 views, 2443 days ago

An animatronic "devil baby" in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people's reactions.

Webcam - SHORT FILM 07:50


by bcmoney
2806 views, 2357 days ago

The succidently titled 'Webcam' is an independent film that is (rather chillingly) based around 'actual events' where women's webcams were hacked in the US. The aim of the film is force you to ...

Versus (2000) 02:00:28

Versus (2000)

by bcmoney
1763 views, 2153 days ago

This is the English dub to Ryuhei Kitamura's cult classic VERSUS.