Junior In Breakdance Demo 01:56

Junior In Breakdance Demo

by DCworks
2649 views, 5231 days ago

Gravity is only a suggestion to this guy. He's so ridiculous at breaking, it makes me wanna puke.

Break Battle 03:42

Break Battle

by DCworks
2781 views, 5231 days ago

Ridiculous breakdance battle...Some of these guys are flatout absurd.

Junior - Breaking Clips 03:56

Junior - Breaking Clips

by DCworks
2815 views, 5231 days ago

Gravity? Hahaha...Silly physical laws of nature. I mock you...In the form of dance!

100 Hands & 1000 Eyes Buddha Dance 05:56

100 Hands & 1000 Eyes Buddha Dance

by bcmoney
4020 views, 5218 days ago

Performed by China Disabled Art Troupe ------------------FROM YOUTUBE-------------------------http://youtube.com/watch?v=jPUt4yaZFOo ------------------------------------------------------------...

Planet B-boy: Korea 02:33

Planet B-boy: Korea

by rballs
3644 views, 5196 days ago

Korea is a b-boy phenomena country. They are relatively new in the b-boy scene but they have come up so quickly, especially in the technical aspect of the dance, also known as power. Watch as Korea...

RUN_DMZ (Director's Cut) PLANET B-BOY 05:07

RUN_DMZ (Director's Cut) PLANET B-BOY

by rballs
2874 views, 5196 days ago

North Korean and South Korean guards viciously battle it out at the DMZ (the line that divides the two Koreas) without laying a finger on each other. Made by Planet B-boy (http://www.planetbboy.com...

Algorithm March with Prisoners 03:56

Algorithm March with Prisoners

by bryan
2797 views, 5054 days ago

World Record setting Algorithm March by 967 inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)Cebu, Philippines.
Apparently this is how they rehabilitate dangerous cri...

The Kiss 04:38

The Kiss

by UnityProductions
2611 views, 5049 days ago

Unity Productions\' popular Living Statues stage show created by Serge Dulac.

Adam Chu Dance Crew 01:01

Adam Chu Dance Crew

by thesns
4574 views, 4986 days ago

this kid rocks...

CCTV Spring Festival Gala (2009) 04:46

CCTV Spring Festival Gala (2009)

by fifacelia
5542 views, 4897 days ago

2009 (The Year of the Ox) CCTV Spring Festival Gala Happy Chinese New Year!

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai w/ English Subs 08:45

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai w/ English Subs

by Laura
5391 views, 4862 days ago

Madhuri Dixit-Nene in Khalnayak... Forever in love with Asia..forever and forever...

Disney Dance Templates 03:29

Disney Dance Templates

by sibichan
5080 views, 4824 days ago

Looks like the Disney Vault has a purpose after all - to keep us from realizing how similar our favorite classic Disney movies truly are. According to this video, Disney only ever made one movie, a...

Rediculous Acrobatics 03:08

Rediculous Acrobatics

by bcmoney
3686 views, 4801 days ago

A study in Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) and some good ol' breakin...

The Amazing Flatley 02:22

The Amazing Flatley

by bmommy
2996 views, 4748 days ago

Stavros Flatley on Britain's Got Talent...

ThreeBond 00:45


by bryan
3597 views, 4673 days ago

interesting commercial... "nice dancing"

Sound of Music Train Station 04:00

Sound of Music Train Station

by moxy
3245 views, 4651 days ago

So you're sitting in the train station... You've had a long day at work, you're irritated and you just wanna get home. Then this happens.. tell you won't be smiling.

Scoliosis Man Dances 02:10

Scoliosis Man Dances

by mbrison
2526 views, 4591 days ago

This disabled man with scoliosis has some amazing dance moves irregardless! Cool.

Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC 02:36

Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC

by ImprovEverywhere
4524 views, 4584 days ago

Elf Yourself elves take over Union Square in New York with a dancing flash mob. Their message: Elf Yourself!

Elf Yourself

Pole Dancing Championship 2009 02:53

Pole Dancing Championship 2009

by devomax
5125 views, 4565 days ago

United States' Pole Dancing Federation (USPDF) 2009 Championship highlights... suprisingly impressive

DJ Earworm - Most Popular songs of 2010 pop music remix 04:15

DJ Earworm - Most Popular songs of 2010 pop music remix

by bcmoney
3136 views, 4393 days ago

DJ Earworm creates a musical monstrosity that sounds better than any of the originals.

Alexandra Burke - All Night Long Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love Chipmunk feat. Esmee Denters -...