Transformers - Sea Change (s02e53) 22:45

Transformers - Sea Change (s02e53)

by astro_fanatic
3868 views, 4938 days ago

Season 2 Episode 53... The Transformers meet Sea Spray

Blackfly 05:10


by bryan
3862 views, 4849 days ago

This animated film about the pesky blackfly is based on the song of the same title, written and sung by Canadian folk singer Wade Hemsworth, with back-up vocals by the McGarrigle sisters. It recoun...

Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery 00:4900

Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery

by RStyles
3851 views, 4499 days ago

Now that's what I call a quadruple bypass!

He-Man: He-man's Evil Twin (minisode) 05:29

He-Man: He-man's Evil Twin (minisode)

by TheLyle
3809 views, 5550 days ago

Evil twin episodes are awesome! Skeletor makes a He-Man duplicate, then uses it to trick the sorceress out of the castle. Soon, it's Faker vs. He-Man in a battle of equals and one liners that'll ma...

Ping Pong Ball Z 02:40

Ping Pong Ball Z

by bcmoney
3804 views, 4230 days ago

So that's why asians are so good at Ping Pong? They can channel Dragon Ball Z powers part way through the match.

Timeless - A National Parks Odyssey 04:48

Timeless - A National Parks Odyssey

by bcmoney
3794 views, 4161 days ago

With a mix of aerial, still, and time lapse photography, award winning cinematographer David Fortney has captured some of the most amazing visuals within these North American National Parks.

Best Of Bender - Futurama Season 1 09:54

Best Of Bender - Futurama Season 1

by DCworks
3724 views, 5401 days ago

Best Bender clips from Season 1 of Futurama.

Tiny Toons - One Beer (banned episode 1990) 07:23

Tiny Toons - One Beer (banned episode 1990)

by bcmoney
3712 views, 4157 days ago

This is a banned cartoon from the banned episode, Elephant Issues. It's about the dangers of alcohol. This cartoon was only shown once in America, when it first aired, afterwards, it was never show...

Simian Mobile Disco - Cerulean 06:50

Simian Mobile Disco - Cerulean

by bcmoney
3708 views, 4196 days ago

Cool 3D video for the new Simian Mobile Disco song Cerulean. Taken from the forthcoming album "Unpatterns". Video designed, directed and animated by Jack Featherstone and Will Samuel, for ISO studi...

Tom and Jerry in The Night Before Christmas 08:38

Tom and Jerry in The Night Before Christmas

by boomstick
3691 views, 5771 days ago

It's a re-telling of the Christmas Holiday classic

Visionaries - Sorcery Squared - S1E11 21:14

Visionaries - Sorcery Squared - S1E11

by boomstick
3651 views, 5689 days ago

After a battle with the Darkling Lords, Cryotek is left accidentally with both his bear totem and Cravex's phylot totem. The dark magic of Cravex's totem makes Cryotek acting evil and causing misch...

Star Wars trilogy as a paper animation 02:41

Star Wars trilogy as a paper animation

by bcmoney
3638 views, 4741 days ago

Dave Prager sez, "My friend Jeremy Messsersmith, a Minneapolis musician, has given the original trilogy new depth and pathos with his new video for his new song about Tatooine. ('Twin suns of Tatoo...

Tales Of Mere Existence - Why Do I Drink So Much? 03:13

Tales Of Mere Existence - Why Do I Drink So Much?

by bcmoney
3633 views, 3749 days ago

A typical inner monologue one has when thinking about bad habits. From the new Zine/DVD set "The Doom Room".

Krapooyo - Funny 3D short 04:57

Krapooyo - Funny 3D short

by bryan
3625 views, 5587 days ago

A funny 3D short film by Yannick Puig... featuring music by David Lascombe

South Park - Lets Fighting Love 02:01

South Park - Lets Fighting Love

by bcmoney
3624 views, 3836 days ago

An absurd song from South Park mocking over-the-top and often times overly suggestive or downright sexual Japanese Anime. Download it here:

Princess The Shih Tzu Theme 00:39

Princess The Shih Tzu Theme

by DCworks
3621 views, 5531 days ago

Theme song for Princess the cartoon, made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone...apparently.

The Joy of Books 01:52

The Joy of Books

by bcmoney
3604 views, 4278 days ago

Cool video of what happens after dark (and when you have too much time on your hands) at a bookshop called TypeBooks in Toronto, Canada.

Futurama Compilation 02:10

Futurama Compilation

by DCworks
3592 views, 5401 days ago

Random Futurama scenes.

Rener Gracie - Self Defense Pooping Technique 03:10

Rener Gracie - Self Defense Pooping Technique

by bcmoney
3588 views, 3788 days ago

In this spoof of the "Gracie Breakdown" series of videos, Rener Gracie teaches a self-defense pooping technique designed to enable you to maintaining a dominant position while passing a turd.

Graphic Designer vs Client 02:19

Graphic Designer vs Client

by bcmoney
3583 views, 5117 days ago

Really funny video from the Chris Rock show on how not to get your ass kicked by the police.