Amazing Lock Picking Horse 02:20

Amazing Lock Picking Horse

by bcmoney
2102 views, 3897 days ago

That's one smart horse.

Kitty Goes for Tortoise Ride 01:17

Kitty Goes for Tortoise Ride

by bcmoney
2100 views, 4334 days ago

Not going to be breaking any land-speed records any time soon!

Following 01:42


by vltz
2092 views, 5580 days ago

Alex playing follow the leader with her Icelandic Horse, Gat.

Sleepy Icelandic Horse 00:23

Sleepy Icelandic Horse

by vltz
2086 views, 5526 days ago

Horse gets other horse to get up. Big yawn.

My horses 00:20

My horses

by arcormier
2081 views, 5579 days ago

me just trying out a new camera =]

Metallicats 03:02


by bcmoney
2077 views, 4879 days ago

Season 1 Ep. 1 Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = Meta...

Giant Pandas frolicking in the snow 01:04

Giant Pandas frolicking in the snow

by bcmoney
2071 views, 4291 days ago

Be sure to take some time out from your busy schedule, and enjoy outdoor activities this winter!

Killer Plants 02:57

Killer Plants

by bcmoney
2049 views, 3863 days ago

They have formidable jaws, sticky leaves and killer thorns. Woe betide the insect that comes too near;

Penguin Leap of Faith 00:2900

Penguin Leap of Faith

by bcmoney
2033 views, 4578 days ago

A penguin takes quite a death defying jump at Boulders Beach, South Africa.

All rights reserved David Jacobs

The Robin Incident 04:16

The Robin Incident

by devomax
2026 views, 4531 days ago

Just another regular day at Chateau Moorewood. Brett's getting lit in the garage when he's attacked by a baby robin. Brett is rather intimidated by the little bird and calls in The Bird Whisperer (...

Dog Rides Bicycle 00:36

Dog Rides Bicycle

by bcmoney
1903 views, 4137 days ago

By now, you've almost certainly seen the Skateboarding Bulldog. You've probably encountered the silliness of the Roomba-riding kitty. Now, prepare to be amazed for the Bicycle riding dog.

Flying Remote Control Bird (Ornithopter) 02:04

Flying Remote Control Bird (Ornithopter)

by bcmoney
1890 views, 4163 days ago

The original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk! Version 1! What an amazing machine. Its hard to believe when you first see it, but it is the easiest thing to fly and has proven to be quite robust. Robert...

Vanishing of the Bees (2009) 01:24:44

Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

by bcmoney
1884 views, 4255 days ago

This documentary tells the story of the vanishing honeybee population worldwide. Please support their initiative to undo some of the damaage caused and at least visit (if not donate to):

Dog Walker with 23 dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina 03:56

Dog Walker with 23 dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by bcmoney
1863 views, 4065 days ago

There are almost 500,000 dogs in Buenos Aires, and every day Mariano Zavalia walks 23 of them. Anna White-Nockleby joins him on his 16km circuit to find out more about this curious profession.

Charm 07:47


by iceryder
1860 views, 5552 days ago

Charm, Icelandic Horse

L'Ours (1988) - Cougar scene 03:55

L'Ours (1988) - Cougar scene

by bcmoney
1792 views, 19628 days ago

Classic scene from the touching faux nature documentary story L'Ours (1988).

Female Surfer Almost Eaten By A Whale 00:3800

Female Surfer Almost Eaten By A Whale

by bcmoney
1746 views, 4345 days ago

Ok so Whales don't really eat people, on purpose... but at least based on the (probably deceptive) camera angle this looks like an extremely close call!

Big Cats .vs. Giant Easter Eggs 03:29

Big Cats .vs. Giant Easter Eggs

by bcmoney
1662 views, 4189 days ago

Aww cute kitties...

Rabbit Feed 01:00

Rabbit Feed

by grandmasterglobal2022
1155 views, 290 days ago

We offer GRAND MASTER RABBIT FEED that contains the highest-qu...