Vinur 07:47


by iceryder
1610 views, 4052 days ago

Vinur, Icelandic Horse, and natural horsemanship with clicker training

Impressive Stop-Motion Animation 02:47

Impressive Stop-Motion Animation

by bcmoney
1608 views, 3095 days ago

Rilakkuma of Amigurumi with stop-motion cats and things...

Squirrel Waterskiing 01:53

Squirrel Waterskiing

by bcmoney
1607 views, 3640 days ago

Waterskiing squirrel shows what it can do at a boat show in New York. As well at staying upright on waterskis he is able to jump onto another boat.rnrnwww.itnsource.comrnReuters 16092/02

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills 01:29

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills

by bcmoney
1587 views, 3366 days ago

This is a real bear, at the public zoo in Hiroshima, Japan.

Let me out! 01:20

Let me out!

by vltz
1576 views, 4080 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding wants to go out and play!

The Crazy Bad-Ass Honey Badger (narrated by Randall) 03:21

The Crazy Bad-Ass Honey Badger (narrated by Randall)

by bcmoney
1571 views, 2747 days ago


Praying Mantis Vs. Computer 01:08

Praying Mantis Vs. Computer

by bcmoney
1560 views, 3466 days ago

Spoiler alert: No one wins.

Gat & Alex 02:42

Gat & Alex

by vltz
1557 views, 4073 days ago

Gat & Alex riding circles around me in the indoor arena.

Monkey with a Deathwish 03:30

Monkey with a Deathwish

by bcmoney
1546 views, 3038 days ago

Maybe that's where Monkey style Kung Fu came from.

Great White Sharks 03:06

Great White Sharks

by DCworks
1525 views, 3995 days ago

Great White sharks are ridiculous.

Alex Canters 2 00:12

Alex Canters 2

by vltz
1459 views, 4080 days ago

A short clip of my daughter Alex cantering on her Icelandic Horse.

Dramatic Chipmunk 00:05

Dramatic Chipmunk

by DCworks
1441 views, 4051 days ago

The best 5-second clip on the web... the one that spawned a thousand sequels, and appeared in most of the best Funny GIF clips.

Alex & Orri 00:47

Alex & Orri

by vltz
1419 views, 4078 days ago

Alex riding Orri, Icelandic pony.

Sleepy Icelandic Horse 00:23

Sleepy Icelandic Horse

by vltz
1407 views, 4026 days ago

Horse gets other horse to get up. Big yawn.

Metallicats 03:02


by bcmoney
1396 views, 3379 days ago

Season 1 Ep. 1 Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = Meta...

Charm, Icelandic Horse 03:48

Charm, Icelandic Horse

by iceryder
1383 views, 4052 days ago

Charm, Icelandic Horse

Cat Massage 03:11

Cat Massage

1378 views, 3454 days ago

How much does he charge per hour?

The Amazing Lyrebird Natural Sound Machine 01:20

The Amazing Lyrebird Natural Sound Machine

by bcmoney
1333 views, 2363 days ago

NO, this is not real... obviously a fake but had me with the first two sounds, which may or may not be real. Now I seriously want a bird that can beatbox the Sienfeld theme even though I know t...

My horses 00:20

My horses

by arcormier
1284 views, 4079 days ago

me just trying out a new camera =]

Penguins Jumping On and Off Iceberg 01:27

Penguins Jumping On and Off Iceberg

by bcmoney
1278 views, 2969 days ago

I know the warming is supposed to be global, but I only feel it in my heart.