Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Trailer 01:06

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Trailer

by bcmoney
2431 views, 4184 days ago

title says it all

Battle At Kruger 08:23

Battle At Kruger

by bcmoney
4438 views, 4206 days ago

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Monkey Kung-Fu 00:25

Monkey Kung-Fu

by boomstick
3987 views, 4256 days ago

This monkey packs a punch... and kick...

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses 02:15

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses

by SamsungLabs
3547 views, 4267 days ago

The UltraTouch has a huge, beautiful screen, with many many many uses. Here are some of the more rediculous possible usages for animal lovers.

For more information, be sure to check o...

Kissing Monkey prank 01:59

Kissing Monkey prank

by GuterTP
2897 views, 4302 days ago

These actresses get more than a mouthful with this monkey setup behind a fake kissing scene for a fake audition to be in a lip-balm commercial... hillarity ensues...

Why Judo is Better Than Karate 00:10

Why Judo is Better Than Karate

by boomstick
2342 views, 4308 days ago

This "Karate Kitty" experiences why is Judo better than Karate.

Monkey Makes Popcorn 02:05

Monkey Makes Popcorn

by sibichan
1935 views, 4316 days ago

A monkey makes popcorn and gets surprised when it pops on Japanese television...

New Donkey Bike 00:48

New Donkey Bike

by Emily
2032 views, 4347 days ago

This guy was so excited to get his new bicycle for Christmas he ran right outside to give it a try! (your blinkers on buddy!)

Kitty Driving Roomba Vac 00:46

Kitty Driving Roomba Vac

by ConfidenceNumber1
2981 views, 4355 days ago

Apparently human lazyness is rubbing off on our animals. Here is a kitty riding the Roomba, a robot vaccuum cleaner (already a tool for extremely lazy people).

Thirsty Monkey 00:38

Thirsty Monkey

by thesns
2730 views, 4373 days ago

A chimpanzee at the zoo is a little thirsty and also quite lazy, so the result is no surprise.

Skunk Prank 01:16

Skunk Prank

by JustForLaughsTV
2653 views, 4409 days ago

This one became one of the most popular pranks of all-time on MetaCafe...

The Ninja Cat 01:13

The Ninja Cat

by Break
2057 views, 4413 days ago

This cat mysteriously moves up the hallway without moving his feet...

Icelandic Ponies Meet Puppy 00:49

Icelandic Ponies Meet Puppy

by vltz
2992 views, 4414 days ago

Walking towards the pasture with my puppy I filmed the ponies who were terribly afraid of the vicious puppy......

Red Standard Poodle Puppies Walking 00:42

Red Standard Poodle Puppies Walking

by vltz
2886 views, 4418 days ago

No leash, no collar, walking around having fun.

Red Standard Poodles 00:22

Red Standard Poodles

by vltz
2367 views, 4418 days ago

Two red Standard Poodle puppies checking out the office stuff.

Crazy French Kangaroo 03:48

Crazy French Kangaroo

by thesns
3972 views, 4425 days ago

Its little-known that the rare French kangaroo is one of the trickiest pranksters in the animal kingdom. The panda bears from the 'Jackass' movies don't even come close.

Great White Sharks 03:06

Great White Sharks

by DCworks
1708 views, 4432 days ago

Great White sharks are ridiculous.

Roadents on C-Spot Ep. 15 - Trailer Time 01:40

Roadents on C-Spot Ep. 15 - Trailer Time

by GuterTP
2184 views, 4437 days ago

Buttercup teaches Pee Pee the secret tractor trailer horn honk sign. Pee Pee's eyes are opened to the greatest thing on the road. Will Buttercup regret teaching Pee Pee the sign?

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2 03:19

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2

by Emily
2747 views, 4440 days ago

Another look at the unbelievable Pachyderm Picassos of Northern Thailand.

Dolphin Getting Busy 00:18

Dolphin Getting Busy

by StupidVideos
2238 views, 4443 days ago

The first in a series of clips of dolphins humping people...