Man Wrestles Bear 04:13

Man Wrestles Bear

by boomstick
2092 views, 4513 days ago

An old video of legendary masked man, The Destroyer, taking on his arch-nemesis, Victor the Bear. These bears were trained for this btw... kinda like circus bears are trained to ride bikes or walk...

Funny Animal Sex 02:45

Funny Animal Sex

by bcmoney
13753 views, 4504 days ago

Funny Animal Sex.

Squirrel Waterskiing 01:53

Squirrel Waterskiing

by bcmoney
2050 views, 4470 days ago

Waterskiing squirrel shows what it can do at a boat show in New York. As well at staying upright on waterskis he is able to jump onto another boat.rnrnwww.itnsource.comrnReuters 16092/02

Bears Play Ice Hockey 02:08

Bears Play Ice Hockey

by bryan
4185 views, 4412 days ago

Unfortunately, this is very real... and one can only imagine the treatment the bears had to endure while being forced to learn how to perform like this.

Check this report from a recent...

Skateboarding Dog Plays Wii Skateboard Game 01:09

Skateboarding Dog Plays Wii Skateboard Game

by bcmoney
3416 views, 4383 days ago

Fake but fun...

Praying Mantis Vs. Computer 01:08

Praying Mantis Vs. Computer

by bcmoney
2047 views, 4296 days ago

Spoiler alert: No one wins.

Cat Massage 03:11

Cat Massage

1796 views, 4285 days ago

How much does he charge per hour?

Tyra's Got Rabies 02:26

Tyra's Got Rabies

by thesns
2244 views, 4223 days ago

uhhh... that bitch's got rabies... and I'd still do her, is that wrong?

How & Why Beavers Build Dams 03:06

How & Why Beavers Build Dams

by bryan
3715 views, 4215 days ago

A beaver dam in North America is now the world's second structure visible from space by the naked eye.

Brought to you by Animal Planet

Metallicats 03:02


by bcmoney
1717 views, 4209 days ago

Season 1 Ep. 1 Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = Meta...

L'Ours (1988) - Cougar scene 03:55

L'Ours (1988) - Cougar scene

by bcmoney
1354 views, 18958 days ago

Classic scene from the touching faux nature documentary story L'Ours (1988).

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills 01:29

Ninja Bear shows off bowstaff skills

by bcmoney
2064 views, 4196 days ago

This is a real bear, at the public zoo in Hiroshima, Japan.

Humanoid Poodles Exercising 03:31

Humanoid Poodles Exercising

by thesns
2327 views, 4183 days ago

Really weird poodle exercise video for humans. This is a mesmerizing and frightening video. It's a word-for-word parody of Susan Powter's first workout video, featuring poodles and a crazy poodle-w...

Black Sheep (2006) 01:26:40

Black Sheep (2006)

by YouTube2
2364 views, 4165 days ago

Black Sheep (2006) on IMDB


Doh, A Deer... in Fredericton City Hall 00:3700

Doh, A Deer... in Fredericton City Hall

by bcmoney
2775 views, 4135 days ago

Only in NB...

Dog Dances the Merengue 03:08

Dog Dances the Merengue

by bcmoney
3000 views, 4101 days ago

It's the amazing Merengue dancing dog.

Leopard Kills Baboon But Saves Its Baby 04:38

Leopard Kills Baboon But Saves Its Baby

by bryan
3552 views, 4070 days ago

This is a heart-warming story, there is good in the world, it is natural...

Transformer Owl 02:27

Transformer Owl

by mbrison
4009 views, 4036 days ago

Just one owl, three impressive transformations.

If link is dead try: Transformer Owl on LiveLeaks

Impressive Stop-Motion Animation 02:47

Impressive Stop-Motion Animation

by bcmoney
2118 views, 3925 days ago

Rilakkuma of Amigurumi with stop-motion cats and things...

Penguin Leap of Faith 00:2900

Penguin Leap of Faith

by bcmoney
1620 views, 3908 days ago

A penguin takes quite a death defying jump at Boulders Beach, South Africa.

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