Acadia Professor launches HCDI 02:33

Acadia Professor launches HCDI

by bcmoney
5667 views, 5300 days ago

Andre Trudel, a professor of Computer Science at Acadia University, recently announced the 'launch' of HCDI (or Human-Computer-Dog-Interface) which allows pet owners to play fetch with, feed and sp...

Clever Parrot 01:12

Clever Parrot

by bcmoney
3368 views, 5223 days ago

Clever parrot, as clever as a dog... but can do things a dog could never dream of, like play basketball, golf and talk. Between this and the infamous skateboarding dog, maybe its time for humans to...

Monkey-proofing a Laptop 00:57

Monkey-proofing a Laptop

by bcmoney
3176 views, 5222 days ago

Interesting commercial highlighting how to monkey-proof a laptop... done to promote the Panasonic ToughBook. ------------------------ FROM YouTube -------------------------

Battle At Kruger 08:23

Battle At Kruger

by bcmoney
4920 views, 4810 days ago

Buy merchandise, license the video, and learn more at:

Figure Skating Chimps 02:53

Figure Skating Chimps

by shannyc
3125 views, 5047 days ago

It's the amazing FigureSkating chimps....

Einstein the Talking Parrot 03:04

Einstein the Talking Parrot

by bcmoney
2473 views, 4391 days ago

pretty amazing bird

Alex Canters 2 00:12

Alex Canters 2

by vltz
2064 views, 5121 days ago

A short clip of my daughter Alex cantering on her Icelandic Horse.

Yee Haw 01:10

Yee Haw

by vltz
2481 views, 5121 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding, feeling his oats!

Let me out! 01:20

Let me out!

by vltz
2154 views, 5121 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding wants to go out and play!

Following 01:42


by vltz
1832 views, 5120 days ago

Alex playing follow the leader with her Icelandic Horse, Gat.

My horses 00:20

My horses

by arcormier
1805 views, 5119 days ago

me just trying out a new camera =]

Alex & Orri 00:47

Alex & Orri

by vltz
2023 views, 5118 days ago

Alex riding Orri, Icelandic pony.

Gat & Alex 02:42

Gat & Alex

by vltz
2164 views, 5114 days ago

Gat & Alex riding circles around me in the indoor arena.

Bareback Saddle Pad 00:45

Bareback Saddle Pad

by vltz
2475 views, 5092 days ago

Alex riding Gat with a bareback saddle pad.

Charm 07:47


by iceryder
1654 views, 5092 days ago

Charm, Icelandic Horse

Vinur 07:47


by iceryder
2222 views, 5092 days ago

Vinur, Icelandic Horse, and natural horsemanship with clicker training

Charm, Icelandic Horse 03:48

Charm, Icelandic Horse

by iceryder
1975 views, 5092 days ago

Charm, Icelandic Horse

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture 01:06

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture

by vltz
2189 views, 5091 days ago

Starting Orri with some calm walking around the pasture.

Dramatic Chipmunk 00:05

Dramatic Chipmunk

by DCworks
1909 views, 5091 days ago

The best 5-second clip on the web... the one that spawned a thousand sequels, and appeared in most of the best Funny GIF clips.

Christian the Lion: Reunited 02:27

Christian the Lion: Reunited

by dick
4371 views, 5084 days ago

To see the whole amazing story, buy the full dvd and help The Born Free Foundation save more wildlife. Christian left ...