DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK (Best Of Compilation) 02:32

DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK (Best Of Compilation)

by DCworks
2256 views, 5060 days ago

A best of compilation

Monkey Brushes Teeth 00:30

Monkey Brushes Teeth

by dick
13704 views, 5265 days ago

Brushing 2-3 times daily is one of the best ways to ensure you have a healthy smile. Luckily, brushing is so easy, even a monkey could do it!

Need dental work? Visit some of the best...

Giant Oarfish - Real Sea Serpents 03:07

Giant Oarfish - Real Sea Serpents

by bcmoney
34210 views, 2914 days ago

Sea Serpents of the deep sea.

Parry Gripp - Num Num Num 01:10

Parry Gripp - Num Num Num

by dick
3476 views, 3900 days ago

Delightfully annoying kids song.

Monkey Falls Out of Tree 00:15

Monkey Falls Out of Tree

by bcmoney
6306 views, 5281 days ago

Tragedy & Comedy meet in this cautionary tale of what happens when a curious little monkey gets too curious, and decides to explore the nether-regions of his rectal orifice. As advertised, Hillarit...

Real-Life Liger 01:58

Real-Life Liger

by bcmoney
4151 views, 5200 days ago

This is the largest cat in the world, he's a liger a half lion and half tiger!

Elephant Paints Self Portrait 08:28

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

by Emily
3323 views, 5167 days ago

An elephant name Paya paints a self-portrait in this amazing video from an Elephant Reserve in Northern Thailand

99 words for boobs 02:53

99 words for boobs

by RStyles
3911 views, 5147 days ago

take a lookat teh title

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2 03:19

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2

by Emily
3308 views, 5014 days ago

Another look at the unbelievable Pachyderm Picassos of Northern Thailand.

Monkey Makes Popcorn 02:05

Monkey Makes Popcorn

by sibichan
2441 views, 4890 days ago

A monkey makes popcorn and gets surprised when it pops on Japanese television...

Funny Animal Sex 02:45

Funny Animal Sex

by bcmoney
13932 views, 4684 days ago

Funny Animal Sex.

Skateboarding Dog Plays Wii Skateboard Game 01:09

Skateboarding Dog Plays Wii Skateboard Game

by bcmoney
3564 views, 4563 days ago

Fake but fun...

Kitty Goes for Tortoise Ride 01:17

Kitty Goes for Tortoise Ride

by bcmoney
1620 views, 3844 days ago

Not going to be breaking any land-speed records any time soon!

Flying Remote Control Bird (Ornithopter) 02:04

Flying Remote Control Bird (Ornithopter)

by bcmoney
1561 views, 3673 days ago

The original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk! Version 1! What an amazing machine. Its hard to believe when you first see it, but it is the easiest thing to fly and has proven to be quite robust. Robert...

Super Dog turns Parkour into Barkour (Straffordshire Terrier) 03:33

Super Dog turns Parkour into Barkour (Straffordshire Terrier)

by bcmoney
1878 views, 3568 days ago

Meet TreT, the American Staffordshire Terrier. Bad guys might want to think twice about running.



by bcmoney
3801 views, 3160 days ago

ME Pearl touches on alot of cliches in the massage therapy world, on her pet possum.

Acadia Professor launches HCDI 02:33

Acadia Professor launches HCDI

by bcmoney
5648 views, 5270 days ago

Andre Trudel, a professor of Computer Science at Acadia University, recently announced the 'launch' of HCDI (or Human-Computer-Dog-Interface) which allows pet owners to play fetch with, feed and sp...

Clever Parrot 01:12

Clever Parrot

by bcmoney
3350 views, 5193 days ago

Clever parrot, as clever as a dog... but can do things a dog could never dream of, like play basketball, golf and talk. Between this and the infamous skateboarding dog, maybe its time for humans to...

Monkey-proofing a Laptop 00:57

Monkey-proofing a Laptop

by bcmoney
3165 views, 5192 days ago

Interesting commercial highlighting how to monkey-proof a laptop... done to promote the Panasonic ToughBook. ------------------------ FROM YouTube ------------------------- http://www.youtube.c...

Battle At Kruger 08:23

Battle At Kruger

by bcmoney
4904 views, 4780 days ago

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