Mes Jean Shorts 04:23

Mes Jean Shorts

by RStyles
4261 views, 4200 days ago

Ruairi and Joel playing their famous song Jean shorts on Graham Street one memorable night.

Cartman Chat Roulette 01:26

Cartman Chat Roulette

by bryan
4133 views, 3342 days ago

Cartman teaches Kyle how to use Chat Roulette...

The Lonely Island - Dick In A Box 02:55

The Lonely Island - Dick In A Box

by carter3247
3993 views, 3469 days ago

Justin Timberlake's Dick In A Box is a holiday favorite.

Poop Back and Forth, Forever 07:42

Poop Back and Forth, Forever

by bryan
3878 views, 3330 days ago

Clips from the movie: Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Rent the full movie from NetFlix:

Derrick Comedy on Blowjobs 02:03

Derrick Comedy on Blowjobs

by CollegeHumor
3825 views, 3633 days ago

A blowjob's a blowjob, right?
By Derrick Comedy

The Outcasts (1985) 50:54

The Outcasts (1985)

by bcmoney
3710 views, 2902 days ago

1985 documentary about an outlaw drifter British biker gang called The Outcasts.

Robin Williams on Viagra 06:26

Robin Williams on Viagra

by dick
3702 views, 3755 days ago

Hillarious comedy bit about Viagra

Girl Cries After Getting Porn From Santa 01:09

Girl Cries After Getting Porn From Santa

by thesns
3565 views, 3830 days ago

Dec. 28: A Tennessee girl bursts into tears after her new MP3 player comes loaded with pornography. WSMV-TV's Nancy Amons reports.

DJ Lubel - Wrong Hole Song 02:48

DJ Lubel - Wrong Hole Song

by cartermatty
3449 views, 3532 days ago

Whose to say which hole is "right" or "wrong," anyway? Oh. The girl. That makes sense. Featuring Scott Baio!

By DJ Lubel

Snoop Dogg - Vato 04:41

Snoop Dogg - Vato

by sibichan
3311 views, 3852 days ago

Snoop Dogg "Vato" animated video...

Chris Rock - The difference between men and women 08:25

Chris Rock - The difference between men and women

by bcmoney
3242 views, 2089 days ago

Sexcellent and funny because its true finally to Chris Rock's Bigger & Blacker tour.

The Axis of Awesome - Sexual Harassment 03:14

The Axis of Awesome - Sexual Harassment

by bcmoney
3196 views, 3030 days ago

Sexual Harassment by The Axis of Awesome. How can anything this funky be inappropriate? Yeoow... Facebook: Twitter: Website: ...

Scarlett Johansen - Eternity Moment 00:29

Scarlett Johansen - Eternity Moment

by bcmoney
3192 views, 4207 days ago

Scarlett Johansen in Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment

Gay Crossing Guard Prank 01:29

Gay Crossing Guard Prank

by JustForLaughsTV
3180 views, 2408 days ago

Pedestrians are tricked into holding a sign that says \"I\'m Gay\" and are quickly confronted to a super gay man in his convertible. A presentation of the world-renowned

Google Toilet 02:20

Google Toilet

by bcmoney
3073 views, 2945 days ago

Google has finally developed technology that can literally sift through your sh*t.

This may be a comical video, but the topic is no joke, just

The Six Girls You'll Date in University 03:35

The Six Girls You'll Date in University

by CollegeHumor
3044 views, 2946 days ago

A prequel to the Four Women You'll Marry.

EYE TEST 00:36


by bmommy
2974 views, 3746 days ago

Surprise :):):)

Shakeweight 01:51


by cartermatty
2930 views, 3610 days ago

It literally beats the fat off!

I really want to stress that this is a real commercial for a real product. I cannot believe that it...

News Show April Fools 02:58

News Show April Fools

by bryan
2798 views, 3725 days ago

Someone channels Bart Simpson and pulls a classic April Fools prank on their local news station. You'd think the anchors would stop after, say, the 10th joke name, but either journalistic integ...

Mow the Lawn 01:08

Mow the Lawn

by thesns
2764 views, 3462 days ago

Offensive hidden meaning BANNED Commercial for Schick razors