Mark Dice - Americans Will Sign Anything 05:09

Mark Dice - Americans Will Sign Anything

by moxy
1865 views, 4428 days ago

Mark Dice recently went around convincing Americans to sign a petition that says in bold letters "This confirms it, I'm a MORON". Well, not sure if they are morons or just plain naive/gullible/blis...

Survivalism Vacation School 03:35

Survivalism Vacation School

by moxy
1828 views, 4455 days ago

Fascinated by the growing number of extreme survival courses in the United States, Jim Brasher heads into the woods to see if he can survive the cold, hunger, and masked men on ATV's...and have a l...

Tokyo Still Bustling 03:02

Tokyo Still Bustling

by bcmoney
1814 views, 3870 days ago

Tokyo has clearly moved on from the disaster of the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear-meltdown...

New Brunswick - Tourism Guide 02:38

New Brunswick - Tourism Guide

by bcmoney
1803 views, 4568 days ago

Happy New Brunswick day!!!

People and Vehicles .vs. Winter 03:12

People and Vehicles .vs. Winter

by bcmoney
1779 views, 3648 days ago

Nature laughs at us. But while we're mostly complaining about how cold and uncomfortable we are, some of us feel the brunt of the season. Hard. These people might just deserve a vacation before the...

Thank You Mom! 01:41

Thank You Mom!

by bcmoney
1773 views, 3918 days ago

Just in time for Mothers Day, we went around New York City asking real people on the street to say thank you to their mothers. So many terrific responses, some unexpected, some adorable, all brough...

Make It Count 04:38

Make It Count

by bcmoney
1768 views, 3950 days ago

Shot in just 10 days in over 10 countries, by just two people on the trip of a lifetime. Max the camera man is a talented filmmaker who also edited this movie. Check him out at his site

Aurora Borealis 01:55

Aurora Borealis

by bcmoney
1765 views, 4061 days ago

TSO Photography spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years. Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas...

Guatemalan Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Mayan Monument 03:29

Guatemalan Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Mayan Monument

by bcmoney
1765 views, 3844 days ago

See more details about this grondbreaking finding in the original press release from Tulane University.

NYC Time Lapse 04:15

NYC Time Lapse

by bcmoney
1763 views, 4019 days ago

This is a recent time lapse piece James Ogle did on New York City. Many of the shots were specific for this project but some wer...

Penn & Teller - Canadian Card Trick Stumps Them 08:08

Penn & Teller - Canadian Card Trick Stumps Them

by bcmoney
1754 views, 3701 days ago

This one for some reason never made it to TV.

Brad Feld - Stay Sane With A Quarterly Week Off the Grid 07:50

Brad Feld - Stay Sane With A Quarterly Week Off the Grid

by bcmoney
1741 views, 3857 days ago

Brad Feld discusses the importance of taking time off (all the way off the grid, that is). No email, no texts, no check-ins, no phones for that matter; no computers or laptops, no sneaking into the...

The Great Canadian Flag Debate 08:38

The Great Canadian Flag Debate

by bcmoney
1692 views, 3864 days ago

Thanks to the CBC Archive and Happy Canada Day!

The National Scream 28:00

The National Scream

by bcmoney
1646 views, 3989 days ago

This lively satire uses animation and a pseudo-documentary style to depict Canada's search for a national identity. The National Scream explains, amongst other elements of Canadiana, how and why th...

Things Commonly Said By Gaijin (Foreigners in Japan) 02:08

Things Commonly Said By Gaijin (Foreigners in Japan)

by bryan
1608 views, 3794 days ago

A good one from the now already infamous "things people say" series... focused on Foreign Tourists, Visitors, Students, Teachers, Workers and Immigrants living in Japan.