Jordan Croucher f. Classified & Jay Bizzy - Feelin Fine (Remix) 03:56

Jordan Croucher f. Classified & Jay Bizzy - Feelin Fine (Remix)

by bcmoney
3325 views, 4285 days ago

"Feelin' Fine Remix" by Jordan Croucher f. Classified & Jay Bizzy.

Check out HipHop Canada for these artists and many more like t...

Swingers - Vegas, Baby! 02:33

Swingers - Vegas, Baby!

by bcmoney
4150 views, 4265 days ago

EA Sports NHL 94 - a classic! Swingers is copyrighted by Miramax entertainment. Clips appear for promotional purposes only, you can purchase the full movie in its newly released Collectors edition...

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2 03:19

Pachyderm Picasso - Part 2

by Emily
2513 views, 4112 days ago

Another look at the unbelievable Pachyderm Picassos of Northern Thailand.


by Romanbinny777
30 views, 7 days ago

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I LOVE the Power Glove!!! 01:37

I LOVE the Power Glove!!!

by bcmoney
2174 views, 4378 days ago

Clip from the 1989 (blatantly one-big Nintendo commercial) classic

Singapore: Fusionopolis 02:15

Singapore: Fusionopolis

by bcmoney
1634 views, 4377 days ago

MICA Travel Group presents

Street Performers at Ocean Park, Hong Kong 01:14

Street Performers at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

by fifacelia
2602 views, 4361 days ago

Street Performers perform an original song at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, China (July, 2007).

Heroic Hayden .vs. Japanese Fishermen 02:54

Heroic Hayden .vs. Japanese Fishermen

by bcmoney
2832 views, 4340 days ago

Dramatic video: TV star Hayden Panettiere in a violent confrontation with Japanese fishermen as her surfing party tries to disrupt their annual dolphin slaughter. Later, the Japanese government iss...

The Rahmens: Sushi - A Japanese Tradition 08:09

The Rahmens: Sushi - A Japanese Tradition

by bcmoney
2915 views, 4334 days ago

Humorous etiquette guide on how to properly order and consume Sushi created by Japanese comedy duo The Rahmens as part of their "Japanese Tradition" culture series.

World's Tallest meets World's Smallest 00:38

World's Tallest meets World's Smallest

by bcmoney
2278 views, 4332 days ago

The World's Tallest Man met the World's Smallest Man in China on Saturday, July 14, 2007. Bao Xishun, a 56 year-old herdsman from Inner Mongolia, is the world's tallest man and me...

Grand Central Time Freeze 02:22

Grand Central Time Freeze

by bcmoney
2966 views, 4323 days ago

207 IE Agents Simultaneously Froze in Grand Central Station. Similar to some of their previous Missions, but on a much larger scale.

Boo-Hoo For You! 01:18

Boo-Hoo For You!

by bryan
9177 views, 4317 days ago ----------------------------------------- Amusing and instructional film about the advantages of being a smartphone user if you live in Japan!

Shibuya Crossing 01:01

Shibuya Crossing

by bryan
3668 views, 4316 days ago -------------------------------------------------- Shibuya Crossing Crowds From Above, Tokyo, Japan

Dirty Jobs - Pig Farm 02:23

Dirty Jobs - Pig Farm

by bcmoney
3684 views, 4313 days ago ------------------------------------------- "They all scream at first", as Mike takes on a pig farm.

Dirty Jobs - Snake Handler 01:18

Dirty Jobs - Snake Handler

by bcmoney
3329 views, 4313 days ago

Mike has his hands full (of snake bites) as a Snake Researcher.

Happy Flag Day 02:23

Happy Flag Day

by bryan
2155 views, 4310 days ago

February 15th is National Flag Day in Canada.

It's never been more important to celebrate (each of) our nation's soveriegnty... Happy Flag Day to the world, from Canada!!!

The Great South Gate, South Korea, burns down 02:25

The Great South Gate, South Korea, burns down

by bryan
2943 views, 4310 days ago -------------------------------------------------------------- NamDaeMun (The Great South Gate), a 600 year old landmark, world heritage site, and South...

In Memory Of SungNyeMun, the Great South Gate of Old Seoul 05:27

In Memory Of SungNyeMun, the Great South Gate of Old Seoul

by bryan
2954 views, 4310 days ago

Sungnyemun (Korean: 숭례문; Hanja(Chinese character): 崇禮門; means "Gate of Respecting Propriety") or Namdaemun(Korean; 남대문, means "The Great South Gate") is a gate of Seoul City Wal...

Remembering Namdaemun 04:33

Remembering Namdaemun

by bryan
2363 views, 4310 days ago -------------------------------------------- Good afternoon,evening,morning World Peoples! This was national treasure No.1 of Korea. Sungremoon. ???(...

Modelogues 02:50


by bryan
2174 views, 4288 days ago

Hilarious compilation of models falling from the World Premiere Play Modelogues opening Sept. 6th at The Complex Theater in Hollywood.