Pastor Gets Distracted 01:59

Pastor Gets Distracted

by bryan
3216 views, 4781 days ago

Lord have mercy...

Korean Drummer Steals the Show 03:35

Korean Drummer Steals the Show

by TheLyle
4897 views, 4763 days ago

Yeah, this video was probably the inspiration for Animal on the muppets...

Canadian, Please 02:28

Canadian, Please

by bryan
2906 views, 4738 days ago

Just in time for Canada Day last Wednesday.

By Gunnarolla

Russian Office Camouflage 01:25

Russian Office Camouflage

by bcmoney
2236 views, 4680 days ago

At some point avoiding work becomes more work than doing your work.

Fukushima's Impact - 1 Year After The Tragedy 02:39

Fukushima's Impact - 1 Year After The Tragedy

by bcmoney
1804 views, 3721 days ago http://www.livescience.c...

Everything is OK on the Red Carpet 20:38

Everything is OK on the Red Carpet

by bryan
2052 views, 4574 days ago

PRELUDE TO THIS VIDEO - the Love Police draw the battle lines with the Met in the UK at a gltizy movie premiere for the new Lovely Bones movie which took place at Leicester Square on a mild winter'...

Tatsuyuki Takano - Furusato 02:27

Tatsuyuki Takano - Furusato

3158 views, 4578 days ago

Furusato means "My Hometown"

SONG version

People of Walmart RAP 02:33

People of Walmart RAP

by thesns
2893 views, 4552 days ago

The People of Walmart RAP by J Dirty . All Pictures are from

Everything Poops 00:31

Everything Poops

by bryan
1982 views, 4516 days ago

Get this clip and more on DVD at

look around you http://wave...

Tale of Momotaro 10:01

Tale of Momotaro

2145 views, 4508 days ago

The Tale of Momotaro, a boy who's legend says he grew from inside a giant peach to become a strong young man, befriended a t...

Tom Brokaw Introduces Canada 06:16

Tom Brokaw Introduces Canada

by dick
2454 views, 4503 days ago

Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and The United States, in a pre-recorded short film that aired on NBC, prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancou...

Classified - Oh Canada 03:19

Classified - Oh Canada

by bryan
3072 views, 4502 days ago

Song From Classified's new album Self Explanatory that dropped April 7th, 2009

Japanese Baby Crying Championship 01:53

Japanese Baby Crying Championship

by bryan
4474 views, 4359 days ago

Is the phrase "Only in Japan" too cliched?

Doh, A Deer... in Fredericton City Hall 00:3700

Doh, A Deer... in Fredericton City Hall

by bcmoney
2929 views, 4348 days ago

Only in NB...

New Brunswick - Tourism Guide 02:38

New Brunswick - Tourism Guide

by bcmoney
1684 views, 4348 days ago

Happy New Brunswick day!!!

1768 foot Communication Tower Repairman POV 07:47

1768 foot Communication Tower Repairman POV

by bcmoney
3689 views, 4303 days ago

A job which should provide the option of hazard pay... or... a parachute

Flight Attendant Announcement Dancers 02:21

Flight Attendant Announcement Dancers

by bcmoney
1823 views, 4281 days ago

Well, its either good harmless fun or shameful exploitation... depends on where the flight attendants worked previously and sense of humour... what industry would they put on their tax form though?...

Acadie Shore 01:17

Acadie Shore

by Jaysay
2959 views, 4275 days ago

A promo for a Canadian spinoff show that never aired.

Survivalism Vacation School 03:35

Survivalism Vacation School

by moxy
1698 views, 4234 days ago

Fascinated by the growing number of extreme survival courses in the United States, Jim Brasher heads into the woods to see if he can survive the cold, hunger, and masked men on ATV's...and have a l...

Japan Behind the Mask 51:30

Japan Behind the Mask

by bryan
2625 views, 4179 days ago

Many lessons to be learned by the west from Japan as they reached the peak of a huge financial bubble in the late 80s, only to have it burst and experience deflationary recession. Today they've all...