Happy Flag Day 02:23

Happy Flag Day

by bryan
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February 15th is National Flag Day in Canada.

It's never been more important to celebrate (each of) our nation's soveriegnty... Happy Flag Day to the world, from Canada!!!

In Memory Of SungNyeMun, the Great South Gate of Old Seoul 05:27

In Memory Of SungNyeMun, the Great South Gate of Old Seoul

by bryan
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Sungnyemun (Korean: 숭례문; Hanja(Chinese character): 崇禮門; means "Gate of Respecting Propriety") or Namdaemun(Korean; 남대문, means "The Great South Gate") is a gate of Seoul City Wal...

Remembering Namdaemun 04:33

Remembering Namdaemun

by bryan
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http://youtube.com/watch?v=cL8GRqJRthY -------------------------------------------- Good afternoon,evening,morning World Peoples! This was national treasure No.1 of Korea. Sungremoon. ???(...

Modelogues 02:50


by bryan
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Hilarious compilation of models falling from the World Premiere Play Modelogues opening Sept. 6th at The Complex Theater in Hollywood. www.modelogues.com

100 Hands & 1000 Eyes Buddha Dance 05:56

100 Hands & 1000 Eyes Buddha Dance

by bcmoney
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Performed by China Disabled Art Troupe ------------------FROM YOUTUBE-------------------------http://youtube.com/watch?v=jPUt4yaZFOo ------------------------------------------------------------...

How People Count Money 01:47

How People Count Money

by bcmoney
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Different Ways To Count Money Different Parts of the world count money differently. THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THIS VIDEO.THANKS DONT FORGET TO COMMENT RATE AND...

Battle At Kruger 08:23

Battle At Kruger

by bcmoney
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Buy merchandise, license the video, and learn more at:

Earth Hour Movie - Narrated by Jeremy Piven 02:44

Earth Hour Movie - Narrated by Jeremy Piven

by bcmoney
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SATURDAY, MARCH 29th - EARTH HOUR On Saturday, March 29 at 8pm millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour - symbolizing the need to take action on cli...

Japanese Prank - Old Man 05:06

Japanese Prank - Old Man

by bcmoney
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Japanese Prank Show - Magician dresses up as an old man to trick unsuspecting commuters and tourists at an amusement park (Fujikyu Highlands) in Japan.

Swingers - You're So Money! 01:31

Swingers - You're So Money!

by bcmoney
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This is an awesome scene where Vince V. makes a speech about just doing it. Included for promotional purposes only... You can purchase the full movie from: http://www.amazon.com/Swingers-Jon-Fav...

Planet B-boy: Korea 02:33

Planet B-boy: Korea

by rballs
3836 views, 5418 days ago

Korea is a b-boy phenomena country. They are relatively new in the b-boy scene but they have come up so quickly, especially in the technical aspect of the dance, also known as power. Watch as Korea...

RUN_DMZ (Director's Cut) PLANET B-BOY 05:07

RUN_DMZ (Director's Cut) PLANET B-BOY

by rballs
3093 views, 5418 days ago

North Korean and South Korean guards viciously battle it out at the DMZ (the line that divides the two Koreas) without laying a finger on each other. Made by Planet B-boy (http://www.planetbboy.com...

How Not To Adopt a Child From Africa 03:57

How Not To Adopt a Child From Africa

by bryan
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How Not To Adopt a Child From Africa skit

Funny Comedy Magic Show 05:56

Funny Comedy Magic Show

by thesns
4885 views, 5410 days ago

This is a "special" and highly entertaining European Magic Show... featuring two talented comedian/magicians, covering everything from faked levatations to dancing midgets.

Amazing Airplane (sky loft) 03:06

Amazing Airplane (sky loft)

by bryan
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This is definitely the most amazing air plane i've ever seen... u could probably live on it! Beds cost about $8000 right now, prob just cause its a new concept and might eventually be the way we...

Ice Waves in Newfoundland 05:11

Ice Waves in Newfoundland

by bryan
3126 views, 5399 days ago

Ice Waves, found off the coast of Newfoundland. Apparently the water froze in mid-air as the waves broke against the shore, rocks and other objects, equalling a pretty trippy, x-men looking video o...

Playing For Change - Stand By Me 05:26

Playing For Change - Stand By Me

by bmommy
4146 views, 5112 days ago

Playing For Change - From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change...

Zuiikin: Let me off at the next corner 04:47

Zuiikin: Let me off at the next corner

by bryan
4053 views, 5393 days ago

Let me off at the next corner. Better yet, let me off now!!!

Zuiikin: Bad Case of Diahrrea 01:25

Zuiikin: Bad Case of Diahrrea

by bryan
4650 views, 5393 days ago

This one makes "Take anything you want" seem tame by comparison.
Useful daily english 101, for sure.

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09) 20:00

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09)

by bcmoney
3834 views, 5391 days ago

In this hillarious episode of Clone High, there are constant satirical references to subliminal messaging and the failure of anti-drug campaigns is thoroughly mocked. It is discovered that smoking ...