Japanese Baby Crying Championship 01:53

Japanese Baby Crying Championship

by bryan
5037 views, 4811 days ago

Is the phrase "Only in Japan" too cliched?

Hard Gay and Fathers Day (with subtitles) 07:40

Hard Gay and Fathers Day (with subtitles)

by YoshimotoKogyo
4938 views, 5577 days ago

Hard Gay thinks that it is time for a reminder of how important Fathers are so he travels throughout Shibuya asking people what they plan to do for their fathers. For more Hard Gay videos, please v...

Human Tetris - Part 1 04:25

Human Tetris - Part 1

by YoshimotoKogyo
4925 views, 5492 days ago

A Japanese gameshow where contestants have to pass through unusual shapes in a moving wall.

How to calm a crying baby 01:47

How to calm a crying baby

by bryan
4904 views, 4816 days ago

The Japanese have done it again, with an odd technique for silencing and calming a crying or whiny baby.

Wilhelm Reich's legacy: Orgone Energy 09:58

Wilhelm Reich's legacy: Orgone Energy

by bryan
4898 views, 5101 days ago

Over many years Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their ...

Bears Play Ice Hockey 02:08

Bears Play Ice Hockey

by bryan
4889 views, 5076 days ago

Unfortunately, this is very real... and one can only imagine the treatment the bears had to endure while being forced to learn how to perform like this.

Check this report from a recent...

Dude Blows Off His Own Face 01:17

Dude Blows Off His Own Face

by bryan
4888 views, 5056 days ago

WATCH THIS!!! I LAUGHED SO HARD TEARS ROLLED DOWN MY FACE!!! Teaching you not to play with explosives unless you know what you're doing... even then, you just dont wanna end up like this guy ok?!

Zuiikin: Bad Case of Diahrrea 01:25

Zuiikin: Bad Case of Diahrrea

by bryan
4854 views, 5624 days ago

This one makes "Take anything you want" seem tame by comparison.
Useful daily english 101, for sure.

Loyal Dog Stays By Injured K-9 Friend's Side 02:34

Loyal Dog Stays By Injured K-9 Friend's Side

by bcmoney
4804 views, 4572 days ago

Now making the rounds is this heart-wrenching yet inspirational clip of a dog that managed to survive the worst recorded Tsunami & Earthquake disaster in Japanese history. Please donate to one o...

Human Slinky Half Time Show 04:30

Human Slinky Half Time Show

by Break
4788 views, 5456 days ago

Veniamin's Human Slinky performing for HalfTime Basketball Creighton University Omaha Nebraska. For availability and booking information Email Veniamin

Door to Hell 00:29

Door to Hell

by GuterTP
4773 views, 5039 days ago

This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz.
via EnglishRussia

Japanese Learning English 03:46

Japanese Learning English

by bryan
4768 views, 5625 days ago

Apparently this is the Japanese perception of self-defense and what you should do if ever you get robbed by two western men wearing underwear on their heads.
Oh, and you can also bring your...

Bat Prank 02:39

Bat Prank

by bcmoney
4754 views, 5076 days ago

Happy Halloweenrn

Monkey Kung-Fu 00:25

Monkey Kung-Fu

by boomstick
4740 views, 5314 days ago

This monkey packs a punch... and kick...

4yr-old Drummer Rocks Out 03:41

4yr-old Drummer Rocks Out

by bmommy
4691 views, 4867 days ago

He's Only 4 Years old...!! Can four year old Howard play the drums or what ? Can you tell when he spots his mom or dad? Speakers definitely needed for this one!

Japanese Binocular Soccer 02:17

Japanese Binocular Soccer

by bryan
4662 views, 5559 days ago

What happens when you put a soccer ball, Japanese players and binoculars on the players eyes? One hilarious funny video!

Wave Skiing on JAWS in Hawa 05:18

Wave Skiing on JAWS in Hawa

by bcmoney
4650 views, 4600 days ago

Chuck Patterson is a former pro Freeskier, a professional Waterman, and one of the most fearless humans we've ever met. After a brief experiment with skiing on waves several years ago, Chuck's pass...

Macho Man - Be A Man Hogan 03:11

Macho Man - Be A Man Hogan

by bcmoney
4647 views, 5490 days ago

The stunning debut album from the late great wrestler randy savage released in 2003 by Big 3 Records.

Lucky Christiano Ronaldo World Cup Goal 00:1900

Lucky Christiano Ronaldo World Cup Goal

by bcmoney
4609 views, 4837 days ago

Do you really "have to be good to be lucky" all the time? Sometimes you can just be a lucky schmuck.

Fun Facts Song 03:04

Fun Facts Song

by bcmoney
4566 views, 4715 days ago

Music is definitely a powerful medium for educating and sharing information, even better when used properly...