Mayday in England 06:22

Mayday in England

by bryan
5737 views, 5026 days ago

Rare sketch about MayDay, one of the oddest European holidays, by Monty Python...

Salvador Dali in The Weirdest Clip Ever 01:45

Salvador Dali in The Weirdest Clip Ever

4424 views, 5032 days ago

Well, Dali always claimed: "I don't do drugs, I AM drugs"

Battle At Kruger 08:23

Battle At Kruger

by bcmoney
5069 views, 5033 days ago

Buy merchandise, license the video, and learn more at:

Escalator Skiing 01:10

Escalator Skiing

by mbrison
3941 views, 5034 days ago

Nutter skiing down Angel Tube Station escalator in London. Logest one in Europe apparently. Risky business, but good way to save time!

See more at

Different Places Same Faces 02:09

Different Places Same Faces

by ThatHappened
3985 views, 5040 days ago

Hundreds of Pictures - One Pose. This girl has one look, just one.

Charlie the Unicorn 3 05:57

Charlie the Unicorn 3

by Emily
7271 views, 5043 days ago

Charlie and his friends are on a mission to save the world!




by thesns
4097 views, 5077 days ago

Unbelievable and impressive video compilation by titounetsan on

Rolf Harris - Jake the Peg 03:08

Rolf Harris - Jake the Peg

by sibichan
5851 views, 5082 days ago

no copyright infringement intended. i think i phrased that right, but you know what i mean

Monkey Kung-Fu 00:25

Monkey Kung-Fu

by boomstick
4601 views, 5083 days ago

This monkey packs a punch... and kick...

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses 02:15

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses

by SamsungLabs
4230 views, 5094 days ago

The UltraTouch has a huge, beautiful screen, with many many many uses. Here are some of the more rediculous possible usages for animal lovers.

For more information, be sure to check o...

1st man in Space - Skydiving from the edge of the world 02:09

1st man in Space - Skydiving from the edge of the world

by astro_fanatic
5501 views, 5098 days ago

First Man In Space - Falling to earth at the speed of sound. Skydiving from the Edge of the Space.

Dog Malfunction (remix) 00:29

Dog Malfunction (remix)

by DCworks
3986 views, 5118 days ago

This is why dogs don't do drugs.

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump 01:28

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump

by bryan
3975 views, 5122 days ago

Notice any similarities between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Forrest Gump, an earlier work by the same screenwriter, Eric Roth? Yeah, so did everyone. But here's a mashup of scenes that ...

The Cult of Snuggie 02:29

The Cult of Snuggie

by cartermatty
2965 views, 5122 days ago

Is your life shrouded in a cold blue haze? Do arrows with $ symbols appear when you try to raise the thermostat? Is your blanket slightly too small? If so please join us, the Cult of Snuggie.

Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves Commercial 02:00

Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves Commercial

by cartermatty
3460 views, 5122 days ago

The original blanket with sleeves commercial... (Great for idiots who don't know how to work either of the above)

Art in the Eye of a Needle 02:38

Art in the Eye of a Needle

by bmommy
2442 views, 5124 days ago

This man can't read or write but he can carve out the Statue of Liberty inside the eye of a needle. His sculptures are so small that he even thought he may have accidently inhaled his Alice in Wond...

Obama inaugurated in Lego form 01:21

Obama inaugurated in Lego form

by ITN_Entertainment
2389 views, 5125 days ago

Barack Obama's inauguration on a small scale at Legoland in California.

The Big Snit 09:54

The Big Snit

by bcmoney
4979 views, 5131 days ago

This poignant and hilarious animated film perfectly captures the intersection of a domestic quarrel and a global nuclear war. An Oscar nominee enjoyed by millions of fans, this film is a classic ex...

Elderly Ghetto Gospel Choir 05:11

Elderly Ghetto Gospel Choir

by thesns
3432 views, 5167 days ago

Straight outta the retirement home, this Funky Fresh Senior Choir is here to tear down the house – in between naps of course. They cover a variety of hip-hop acts, including Nelly, Outkast and Cham...

Dog Rape 02:04

Dog Rape

by ThatHappened
4204 views, 5192 days ago

I don't know who paid money to have this made, but I'm glad they did.