The Cult of Snuggie 02:29

The Cult of Snuggie

by cartermatty
2482 views, 4658 days ago

Is your life shrouded in a cold blue haze? Do arrows with $ symbols appear when you try to raise the thermostat? Is your blanket slightly too small? If so please join us, the Cult of Snuggie.

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump 01:28

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump

by bryan
3562 views, 4658 days ago

Notice any similarities between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Forrest Gump, an earlier work by the same screenwriter, Eric Roth? Yeah, so did everyone. But here's a mashup of scenes that ...

Dog Malfunction (remix) 00:29

Dog Malfunction (remix)

by DCworks
3649 views, 4654 days ago

This is why dogs don't do drugs.

1st man in Space - Skydiving from the edge of the world 02:09

1st man in Space - Skydiving from the edge of the world

by astro_fanatic
5064 views, 4634 days ago

First Man In Space - Falling to earth at the speed of sound. Skydiving from the Edge of the Space.

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses 02:15

38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses

by SamsungLabs
3807 views, 4630 days ago

The UltraTouch has a huge, beautiful screen, with many many many uses. Here are some of the more rediculous possible usages for animal lovers.

For more information, be sure to check o...

Monkey Kung-Fu 00:25

Monkey Kung-Fu

by boomstick
4251 views, 4619 days ago

This monkey packs a punch... and kick...

Rolf Harris - Jake the Peg 03:08

Rolf Harris - Jake the Peg

by sibichan
5301 views, 4618 days ago

no copyright infringement intended. i think i phrased that right, but you know what i mean



by thesns
3703 views, 4613 days ago

Unbelievable and impressive video compilation by titounetsan on

Charlie the Unicorn 3 05:57

Charlie the Unicorn 3

by Emily
6932 views, 4579 days ago

Charlie and his friends are on a mission to save the world!


Different Places Same Faces 02:09

Different Places Same Faces

by ThatHappened
3656 views, 4576 days ago

Hundreds of Pictures - One Pose. This girl has one look, just one.

Salvador Dali in The Weirdest Clip Ever 01:45

Salvador Dali in The Weirdest Clip Ever

4101 views, 4568 days ago

Well, Dali always claimed: "I don't do drugs, I AM drugs"

Mayday in England 06:22

Mayday in England

by bryan
5399 views, 4562 days ago

Rare sketch about MayDay, one of the oddest European holidays, by Monty Python...

Marco Brambilla: Civilization 03:22

Marco Brambilla: Civilization

by mbrison
3655 views, 4523 days ago


Title: Civilization (MEGAPLEX), 2008 By: Marco Brambilla
Client: The Standard Hotel, New York
Editor/Research Assistant: Beau Dickson
Assistant: Swapna Tamhane...

Korean Drummer Steals the Show 03:35

Korean Drummer Steals the Show

by TheLyle
4669 views, 4519 days ago

Yeah, this video was probably the inspiration for Animal on the muppets...

Happatai - Yatta 04:11

Happatai - Yatta

by bryan
4808 views, 4500 days ago

An oldie but a goodie... in case anyone needs a laugh in the middle of a recession.

Jedi-like Skills 04:18

Jedi-like Skills

by bcmoney
3813 views, 4488 days ago

By Blindclassic

MARIO KART Prank 02:15


by thesns
2814 views, 4488 days ago


Frog Wedding 00:4600

Frog Wedding

by ThatHappened
4473 views, 4484 days ago

At this froggy wedding, everyone's hoping it will rain. (talk about marrying other species Mr.Kilmeade)

Man Wrestles Bear 04:13

Man Wrestles Bear

by boomstick
2074 views, 4482 days ago

An old video of legendary masked man, The Destroyer, taking on his arch-nemesis, Victor the Bear. These bears were trained for this btw... kinda like circus bears are trained to ride bikes or walk...

Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47 02:02

Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

by moxy
2312 views, 4480 days ago

The owner of a Missouri dealership is giving away free AK-47s with the purchase of any truck.