How to Escape a Fart 02:33

How to Escape a Fart

by bryan
3514 views, 4844 days ago

Japanese scientists work feverishly . This is from yet another CRAZY Japanese game/variety type show.

Marshmallow Eating on Japanese Game Show 06:22

Marshmallow Eating on Japanese Game Show

by YoshimotoKogyo
4486 views, 4839 days ago

This is a video clip of some game show over in japan. The whole point is to strap a rubber band to your face thats attached to a wall, and try to eat a marshmallow hanging from a string. This is hi...

The Great Office War 04:51

The Great Office War

by bryan
3293 views, 4837 days ago

Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation ever at RunawayBox

Salad Fingers 2 04:01

Salad Fingers 2

by TheLyle
5077 views, 4832 days ago

This was the second Salad Fingers cartoon by Doki66featured on back in 2004.

Music by Boards Of Canada
To wat...

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow 03:09

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow

by YoshimotoKogyo
4201 views, 4830 days ago

Japanese punishment and oddities game show Gaki no Tsukai, where if you mess up saying something you get slapped in the nuts.

Strange Olympic Swim Trial 04:03

Strange Olympic Swim Trial

by bryan
3543 views, 4826 days ago

From Wikipedia: Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea, nicknamed "Eric The Eel" by the media, won brief international ...

Incredibly Not a Home Run 01:21

Incredibly Not a Home Run

by rinz
2513 views, 4824 days ago

These days baseball players hit so many runs that it's almost expected. If you want to get noticed you have to do something really special. This hit may not have scored any points, but it sure is n...

Algorithm March 02:12

Algorithm March

by bryan
2953 views, 4813 days ago

This crazy weird dance is called the Algorithm March... math geeks love it for some reason. I hate it, because its gay yet sticks in your head.

Algorithm March with Prisoners 03:56

Algorithm March with Prisoners

by bryan
2612 views, 4813 days ago

World Record setting Algorithm March by 967 inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)Cebu, Philippines.
Apparently this is how they rehabilitate dangerous cri...

Larry the Travel Guy - Hokitika, New Zealand 09:00

Larry the Travel Guy - Hokitika, New Zealand

by bryan
2222 views, 4809 days ago

Larry and Air New Zealand take you to the Wild Foods Festival in Hokitika, New Zealand, explore Franz Josef Glacier, and check out indoor ice climbing.

Unity Living Statues 00:26

Unity Living Statues

by UnityProductions
2617 views, 4808 days ago

Interactive Shows created by Serge DULAC and performed all over the world. Including Imaginum, played by the Original Living Statue Interactive Shows created by Serge DULAC and performed all over t...

The Kiss 04:38

The Kiss

by UnityProductions
2437 views, 4808 days ago

Unity Productions\' popular Living Statues stage show created by Serge Dulac.

Living Statue - Just for Laughs Festival 01:28

Living Statue - Just for Laughs Festival

by UnityProductions
2851 views, 4808 days ago

Living Statues at Just for Laughs Festival.

For more information about our shows, please visit us at : UnityProductions

Dolphin Getting Busy 00:18

Dolphin Getting Busy

by StupidVideos
2487 views, 4806 days ago

The first in a series of clips of dolphins humping people...

Robot Shopping Cart 01:33

Robot Shopping Cart

by astro_fanatic
2627 views, 4804 days ago

The day of judgement is upon us... first our shopping lists, then every daily task, then the takeover... hahah...

5 meter Treadmill Hurdles 03:58

5 meter Treadmill Hurdles

by YoshimotoKogyo
2451 views, 4802 days ago

This is a fun event from Gaki no Tsukai...

Car Flamethrower 00:34

Car Flamethrower

by AbsoluteCarCare
3138 views, 4801 days ago

Here's a crazy car with a flamethrower hooked up to its exhaust... gonna need some good polish to remove that black charring from the car, haha!

Check out

Human Tetris - Part 1 04:25

Human Tetris - Part 1

by YoshimotoKogyo
4196 views, 4797 days ago

A Japanese gameshow where contestants have to pass through unusual shapes in a moving wall.

Human Tetris - Part 2 03:40

Human Tetris - Part 2

by YoshimotoKogyo
2826 views, 4797 days ago

Part 2 of the highlights this crazy Japanese game show... recently copied by a show on American TV.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SLAP 00:34

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SLAP

by YoshimotoKogyo
2684 views, 4793 days ago

This is a particularly intense game of Jan-Ken-Pon

Jan-ken-pon is the Japanese version of Rock, Paper, Scissors