Homeless S.Korean Boy Steals Spotlight at Korea's Got Talent Show 08:04

Homeless S.Korean Boy Steals Spotlight at Korea's Got Talent Show

by bcmoney
64888 views, 3663 days ago

Korea's answer to Susan Boyle and Paul Potts... a truly inspirational story.

Strange Olympic Swim Trial 04:03

Strange Olympic Swim Trial

by bryan
3714 views, 5036 days ago

From Wikipedia: Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea, nicknamed "Eric The Eel" by the media, won brief international ...

DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK (Best Of Compilation) 02:32

DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK (Best Of Compilation)

by DCworks
2256 views, 5060 days ago

A best of compilation

Human Art Video 1 01:20

Human Art Video 1

by bcmoney
10029 views, 5280 days ago

http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=2105 The first of a few clips from a Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho special that aired a couple months ago on Japanese TV, in which people competed to create amazing human ...

Gaijin 02:50


by bcmoney
5747 views, 5154 days ago

... being the misadventures of a foreigner in Japan

From Here To Awesome (FHTA) entry - 2008:

World's Fastest Stamper 00:4700

World's Fastest Stamper

by bcmoney
6241 views, 4027 days ago

Ever get that feeling your repetitivemeaningless tasks could be replaced by a machine... or... maybe this girl?

Giant Oarfish - Real Sea Serpents 03:07

Giant Oarfish - Real Sea Serpents

by bcmoney
34210 views, 2914 days ago

Sea Serpents of the deep sea.

Human Slinky Half Time Show 04:30

Human Slinky Half Time Show

by Break
4213 views, 4972 days ago

Veniamin's Human Slinky performing for HalfTime Basketball Creighton University Omaha Nebraska. For availability and booking information Email Veniamin

World Order - Machine Civilization 05:40

World Order - Machine Civilization

by boomstick
2462 views, 3865 days ago

?MACHINE CIVILIZATION?/WORLD ORDER ??:?????????????/ Takashi Watanabe Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe, Lyrics by Genki Sudo


Tim Minchin - STORM (animated short film) 10:39

Tim Minchin - STORM (animated short film)

by bcmoney
1875 views, 3247 days ago

In the confines of a London dinner party, comedian Tim Minchin argues with a hippy named Storm. While Storm herself may not be converted, audiences from London to LA have been won over by Tim's wor...

UHF: Wheel of Fish 01:35

UHF: Wheel of Fish

by bcmoney
4971 views, 5241 days ago

Wheel Of Fish segment from Weird Al Yankovic's one and (so far) only movie, UHF (1989) STUPID!, YOU'RE SO STUPID!!

Boo-Hoo For You! 01:18

Boo-Hoo For You!

by bryan
9822 views, 5219 days ago

http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=1xQVnny0LSg ----------------------------------------- Amusing and instructional film about the advantages of being a smartphone user if you live in Japan!

Fight ! Kikkoman 01:53

Fight ! Kikkoman

by bcmoney
3264 views, 5207 days ago

The classic "Fight ! Kikkoman" video which either intentionally or not, acted as a viral hit for Kikkoman Soy Sauce, shown here with english subtitles.

Salad Fingers - Episode One 01:57

Salad Fingers - Episode One

by bcmoney
11171 views, 5206 days ago

Salad Fingers Episode One... Originally Downloaded From: http://www.newgrounds.com

All Your Base Are Belong To Us 04:21

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

by bryan
3138 views, 5191 days ago

All Your Base Are Belong To Us. One of the very FIRST Viral Videos on the net... this phenomenon started out as a joke about a poorly translated Japanese video game called Zero Wing, with people...

Elephant Paints Self Portrait 08:28

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

by Emily
3323 views, 5167 days ago

An elephant name Paya paints a self-portrait in this amazing video from an Elephant Reserve in Northern Thailand

Japanese Portapotty Prank 06:15

Japanese Portapotty Prank

by bcmoney
6408 views, 5118 days ago

Here's a shorter version of the Hilarious Japanese Toilet Porta Potty Candid Camera Prank video that's already been posted by several people. Japanese shock-humor at it's finest. These pranks would...

David Choi - I Got a COCO Bidet 02:58

David Choi - I Got a COCO Bidet

by bryan
3580 views, 5108 days ago

Get the FREE MP3

And listen to more of David Choi at: http://www.myspace.com/davidchoimusic

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow 03:09

Another NUTS Japanese Gameshow

by YoshimotoKogyo
4570 views, 5041 days ago

Japanese punishment and oddities game show Gaki no Tsukai, where if you mess up saying something you get slapped in the nuts.

Robot Shopping Cart 01:33

Robot Shopping Cart

by astro_fanatic
2809 views, 5015 days ago

The day of judgement is upon us... first our shopping lists, then every daily task, then the takeover... hahah...