Drews A Genie In A Bottle 03:47

Drews A Genie In A Bottle

by Jaysay
10759 views, 4270 days ago

Here's my DREW song contribution...

"Drew's A Genie In A Bottle" by Me & Some of My Friends

Clearly a remix of :

Jack Black on Piracy 01:03

Jack Black on Piracy

by bryan
3060 views, 1 seconds ago

Jack Black schools all of you on the truth about piracy. Remember, don't be a douche.

Tony Blair Should - I Stay Or Go 02:26

Tony Blair Should - I Stay Or Go

by moxy
3096 views, 4322 days ago

Tony Blair performs Should I Stay Or Should I Go by the clash, brilliantly edited by Brian Howes

Eric O'Shea - Music in TV Commercials 01:59

Eric O'Shea - Music in TV Commercials

by bmommy
5773 views, 4271 days ago

Eric O'Shea performs his now infamous stand-up routine on music that should appear in certain companies' TV commercials.

Fake and Gay 02:57

Fake and Gay

by Break
3067 views, 4266 days ago

Fake and Gay the secret to success on the internet...

From the makers: "This video was totally fake and extremely gay. The latest ."


South Park - 9/11 Conspiracy (S10E09) 21:51

South Park - 9/11 Conspiracy (S10E09)

by moxy
7271 views, 4215 days ago

FROM 911Blogger.com

Tonight Southpark focused...

Robot Chicken - Metal Militia (s02e11) 10:27

Robot Chicken - Metal Militia (s02e11)

by GuterTP
5779 views, 4419 days ago


Metal Militia

A kid gets a used-car surprise: a Tron cycle! Young Indiana Jones finds treasure in his elementary school. Rom the ...

MadTV - Eminem Parody 02:22

MadTV - Eminem Parody

by DCworks
3139 views, 4189 days ago

Parody of Eminem's song "Without Me".

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor 07:14

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor

29631 views, 18417 days ago

Season 25: Episode 10 Aired 1/15/2000 Cast Dr. Beaman.....Will Ferrell Nurse Jennifer.....Rachel...

Animaniacs - Nations of the World 01:47

Animaniacs - Nations of the World

by bcmoney
3580 views, 4560 days ago

Gacko from the Animaniacs performs a classic rendition of the

Mobile TV: Daughter 00:35

Mobile TV: Daughter

by sibichan
2838 views, 4560 days ago

This little commcercial was produced by german students as part of a contest to introduce Mobile TV to potential users.

Tom and Jerry in The Night Before Christmas 08:38

Tom and Jerry in The Night Before Christmas

by boomstick
2727 views, 4557 days ago

It's a re-telling of the Christmas Holiday classic

Clone High - Escape to Beer Mountain - A Rope of Sand (s1e1) 21:29

Clone High - Escape to Beer Mountain - A Rope of Sand (s1e1)

by boomstick
4742 views, 4557 days ago

Season 1, Episode 1 of Clone High, which would soon become a cult classic cartoon for those with a particular (or maybe peculiar) sense of humor.

Clone High - Election Blu-Galoo (s1e2) 21:31

Clone High - Election Blu-Galoo (s1e2)

by bcmoney
3670 views, 4555 days ago

Episode 2 of this Cartoon Network cult classic Clone High called Election Blu-Galoo! Abe runs for student body president against JFK.

PIMP T 01:49


by bcmoney
2009 views, 4554 days ago

Why is it that the best rappers in the game are taken from us too soon?

R.I.P PimpT, R.I.P.

JT Money HammerFist Skunk 00:33

JT Money HammerFist Skunk

by Jaysay
8552 views, 4554 days ago

JT money wicked-ass hammerfist lay-in for the skunk at R-Ballz' place, sometime in 2005.

Clone High - Film Fest - Tears of a Clone (s1e4) 21:12

Clone High - Film Fest - Tears of a Clone (s1e4)

by boomstick
4863 views, 4553 days ago

Written by Erica Rivinoja In the annual Clone High Film Festival, Abe Lincoln pours his heart into a movie about a football-playing giraffe, Cleopatra stars in an epic about her own perfect life, ...

Seinfeld - The Puerto Rican Day (S9E20) 21:55

Seinfeld - The Puerto Rican Day (S9E20)

by boomstick
3446 views, 4551 days ago

This episode of Seinfeld was apparently "too much for TV". Welcome to the web, where you can view anything you want and are not limited by MPAA restrictions. You can also easily set parental co...

Seinfeld - Show About Nothing (Preview) 00:11

Seinfeld - Show About Nothing (Preview)

by bcmoney
2091 views, 4546 days ago

This clip summarizes Seinfeld nicely...

Hooked on Ebonics 02:47

Hooked on Ebonics

by boomstick
1978 views, 4536 days ago

THIN, host Kenny Robinson pitches his course in urban ghetto speak: "Hooked on Ebonics"....comedy funny Canada urban CBC Kenny Robinson Joe Bodolai (also featuring Russell Peters)