Will Ferrell: Wake up and SMILE 06:24

Will Ferrell: Wake up and SMILE

by thesns
123365 views, 4944 days ago

One of Will Ferrell's original skits on SNL Season 21: Episode 8. He co-wrote

SNL - Philadelphia Action Figures 01:26

SNL - Philadelphia Action Figures

by devomax
79466 views, 4291 days ago

Transcript for the parody commercial Philadelphia Action Figures


Life Lessons 02:57

Life Lessons

by mccluskey
9917 views, 4635 days ago

Life Lessons with Jon Lajoie. JonLajoie.com

SNL - Dog Lawyer (Will Ferrell) 01:44

SNL - Dog Lawyer (Will Ferrell)

by bryan
55302 views, 4918 days ago

Saturday Night Live's hillariously classic Dog Lawyer sketch. Check out SNL on NBC every Saturday Night at http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor 07:14

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor

30823 views, 18960 days ago

Season 25: Episode 10 Aired 1/15/2000 Cast Dr. Beaman.....Will Ferrell Nurse Jennifer.....Rachel...

Web 3.0 - The Future Is Yesterday 02:07

Web 3.0 - The Future Is Yesterday

by bryan
8776 views, 4861 days ago

CBC radio's in-site-ful coverage into the future of the web: Presenting CBC Radio's vision of Web 3.0 - a new more personal on-line connection. CBC ...



by TheLyle
10991 views, 4976 days ago

A comedic look at online dating

Homeless Art Model SNL sketch ft. Will Ferrell 04:04

Homeless Art Model SNL sketch ft. Will Ferrell

by GuterTP
37205 views, 4184 days ago

Art students get a surprise and treat for their male model...

JT Money HammerFist Skunk 00:33

JT Money HammerFist Skunk

by Jaysay
9415 views, 5097 days ago

JT money wicked-ass hammerfist lay-in for the skunk at R-Ballz' place, sometime in 2005.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) 25:42

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

by bryan
59659 views, 4729 days ago

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) is the first of many prime-time animated TV specials based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It was produced and directed by former Warner Bros. a...

Drews A Genie In A Bottle 03:47

Drews A Genie In A Bottle

by Jaysay
11336 views, 4813 days ago

Here's my DREW song contribution...

"Drew's A Genie In A Bottle" by Me & Some of My Friends

Clearly a remix of :

Step Brothers Trailer 02:35

Step Brothers Trailer

by TheLyle
2446 views, 5012 days ago

Trailer for Will Ferrell's upcoming movie

MadTV - Eminem Parody 02:22

MadTV - Eminem Parody

by DCworks
3653 views, 4732 days ago

Parody of Eminem's song "Without Me".

2 Girls 1 Cup Song 03:09

2 Girls 1 Cup Song

by boomstick
3266 views, 5070 days ago

This is a love song by Jon Lajoie inspired by the infamous "2 Girls 1 Cup" video that features two girls lovingly exchanging human waste.

1-866-RING-CAM Breast Exam video 00:30

1-866-RING-CAM Breast Exam video

by crawl4cure
4944 views, 5064 days ago

A creative Canadian breast exam advocacy ad that first surfaced on Ad-Critic in 2000. "Script: Are you too busy to do your monthly breast self exam? Unsure of the right technique? My name is Cam...

Eminem - We Made You 04:38

Eminem - We Made You

by mbrison
3287 views, 4617 days ago

Directed by Joseph Khan.
Shady/Aftermath/Interscope 2009.

One word: Hilarious.

South Park - Facebook Sucks 02:35

South Park - Facebook Sucks

by thesns
12614 views, 4244 days ago

Stan is trying to avoid joining Facebook but finds out its too late... his schoolwork and personal time then suffers immediately

What If YouTube Had a Real Complaints Department 04:03

What If YouTube Had a Real Complaints Department

by bcmoney
2287 views, 3420 days ago

Those knuckleheads who write “FIRST!!!!!!!” under every YouTube video can be hard to bear. Same goes for the cavalcade of racists, reply girls, and other assorted dumdums commenting on the site. Th...

The Best of Archer 06:47

The Best of Archer

by bcmoney
2505 views, 3035 days ago

Ridiculous clips from Archer, a show whose premise is "what if Charlie Sheen played James Bond".

Clone High - Escape to Beer Mountain - A Rope of Sand (s1e1) 21:29

Clone High - Escape to Beer Mountain - A Rope of Sand (s1e1)

by boomstick
5209 views, 5100 days ago

Season 1, Episode 1 of Clone High, which would soon become a cult classic cartoon for those with a particular (or maybe peculiar) sense of humor.