Communicate With Your Mobile 01:01

Communicate With Your Mobile

by bcmoney
3450 views, 5333 days ago

Not to far from the truth.... A very smart idea, actually!
Original from MetaCafe

If Programmers Built Planes 01:00

If Programmers Built Planes

by bryan
2724 views, 5231 days ago


Honda 'Contraption' Ad 02:00

Honda 'Contraption' Ad

by AbsoluteCarCare
3597 views, 5214 days ago

This is the infamous Honda "Contraption" AD, one of the web's first big viral videos.

Peugot Commercial India 00:45

Peugot Commercial India

by bryan
3191 views, 5201 days ago

Peugot commercial. Converting an old ambassador into a Peugot. Funny stuff, good beat

Live Action Simpsons Intro 00:59

Live Action Simpsons Intro

by thesns
6539 views, 5010 days ago

The campaign was developed at UK advertising agency

The Cult of Snuggie 02:29

The Cult of Snuggie

by cartermatty
2850 views, 5000 days ago

Is your life shrouded in a cold blue haze? Do arrows with $ symbols appear when you try to raise the thermostat? Is your blanket slightly too small? If so please join us, the Cult of Snuggie.

Pepsi Access 01:06

Pepsi Access

by Jimz
3114 views, 5290 days ago

This is a contest-winning Pepsi commercial by Viral Media Group. For more of their portfolio, visit:

Scarlett Johansen - Eternity Moment 00:29

Scarlett Johansen - Eternity Moment

by bcmoney
3830 views, 5409 days ago

Scarlett Johansen in Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment

Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell 05:19

Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell

by bryan
11653 views, 5344 days ago

Will Ferrell stars as Mr.Tarkanian, in this classic SNL sketch.

Monkey-proofing a Laptop 00:57

Monkey-proofing a Laptop

by bcmoney
3243 views, 5323 days ago

Interesting commercial highlighting how to monkey-proof a laptop... done to promote the Panasonic ToughBook. ------------------------ FROM YouTube -------------------------

Nokia Morph Concept 03:24

Nokia Morph Concept

by bcmoney
2872 views, 5312 days ago

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Morph can sense its environment, is energy harvesting and self cleaning . ...

Google TV & Spot Runner 08:05

Google TV & Spot Runner

by bcmoney
2641 views, 5298 days ago

CNBC discussion of Google's TV initiatives and how Spot Runner has a head start on them.

Gummy Bear Trap 00:36

Gummy Bear Trap

by bcmoney
14390 views, 5274 days ago

The original Robot Chicken sketch on Gummy Bear traps and the delicious cannibalism that ensues as a result.

For promotional puproses only, please watch Robot Chicken live and on syn...

Funny Mastercard Ad 01:16

Funny Mastercard Ad

by dick
4064 views, 5203 days ago

guy gets caught by girlfriends dad when he asks her for some head

Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves Commercial 02:00

Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves Commercial

by cartermatty
3380 views, 5000 days ago

The original blanket with sleeves commercial... (Great for idiots who don't know how to work either of the above)

I LOVE the Power Glove!!! 01:37

I LOVE the Power Glove!!!

by bcmoney
2838 views, 5411 days ago

Clip from the 1989 (blatantly one-big Nintendo commercial) classic

Dont You Put It in Your Mouth (Full Version) 01:59

Dont You Put It in Your Mouth (Full Version)

by shannyc
7471 views, 5337 days ago

Here is the full, two-minute version of the Concerned Childrens Advertisers PSA about putting stuff in your mouth.

I Learned It By Watching You Anti-Drug PSA 00:28

I Learned It By Watching You Anti-Drug PSA

by bryan
3411 views, 5337 days ago

Amid the torrent of Anti-Drug PSAs from the 1980s shines one so bright, its catch phrase is uttered by 20-somethings even to this day. A father finds his son's drug stash and confront him on the i...

Star Wars PSA: Vader Dad 00:45

Star Wars PSA: Vader Dad

by Black20
4333 views, 5337 days ago

Remember those Public Service Announcements from the 80's? Well remember them all over again a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. And for more Star Wars PSAs and other daily content, visit Bla...

Tire Changing - 3 Clips 02:13

Tire Changing - 3 Clips

by bmommy
2343 views, 5256 days ago

Totally whacky GoodYear tire commercials