Monkey-proofing a Laptop 00:57

Monkey-proofing a Laptop

by bcmoney
3325 views, 5450 days ago

Interesting commercial highlighting how to monkey-proof a laptop... done to promote the Panasonic ToughBook. ------------------------ FROM YouTube -------------------------

Nokia Morph Concept 03:24

Nokia Morph Concept

by bcmoney
2957 views, 5439 days ago

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Morph can sense its environment, is energy harvesting and self cleaning . ...

Mobile TV: Mom 00:54

Mobile TV: Mom

by bcmoney
4741 views, 5048 days ago

The final entry in the 4 Mobile TV promos out of a MobileTV research project at a University in Germany.

Tire Changing - 3 Clips 02:13

Tire Changing - 3 Clips

by bmommy
2426 views, 5383 days ago

Totally whacky GoodYear tire commercials

Everything You Have Ever Done 00:07

Everything You Have Ever Done

by bryan
1563 views, 5431 days ago

The Cramps - Remember This, Everything you have ever done has lead you to this moment!

30 minutes of 90's cartoon Openings 30:23

30 minutes of 90's cartoon Openings

by astro_fanatic
7690 views, 5429 days ago

Original message from user pembrokewkorgi at YouTube:
------------------------------------------------- A sorta' sequel to my 30 minutes of 80's cartoon Openings video is this new video. 30 ...

Google TV & Spot Runner 08:05

Google TV & Spot Runner

by bcmoney
2760 views, 5426 days ago

CNBC discussion of Google's TV initiatives and how Spot Runner has a head start on them.

Pepsi Access 01:06

Pepsi Access

by Jimz
3237 views, 5418 days ago

This is a contest-winning Pepsi commercial by Viral Media Group. For more of their portfolio, visit:

RoofBall - Fifa Street 3 (best quality) 01:07

RoofBall - Fifa Street 3 (best quality)

by bcmoney
3533 views, 5409 days ago

Ad Movie for the new Fifa Street 3 showing some impossible magic freestyle tricks. (Propaganda do novo Fifa Street 3 mostrando alguns dribles e movimentos impossíveis.) need a new logo? (preci...

Trunk Monkey Compilation 03:26

Trunk Monkey Compilation

by dick
2735 views, 5382 days ago

Compilation of Trunk Monkeys - a Suburban Auto Group Ad

Gummy Bear Trap 00:36

Gummy Bear Trap

by bcmoney
14487 views, 5401 days ago

The original Robot Chicken sketch on Gummy Bear traps and the delicious cannibalism that ensues as a result.

For promotional puproses only, please watch Robot Chicken live and on syn...

Dave Chappelle - Black White Supremacist 09:44

Dave Chappelle - Black White Supremacist

by bcmoney
4034 views, 5396 days ago

The irony of reverse-racism, of your own race is explored by the expert on racial topics, the hillarious Dave Chappelle.

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09) 20:00

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09)

by bcmoney
3844 views, 5396 days ago

In this hillarious episode of Clone High, there are constant satirical references to subliminal messaging and the failure of anti-drug campaigns is thoroughly mocked. It is discovered that smoking ...

SONY - Colors 01:30

SONY - Colors

by bcmoney
2776 views, 5396 days ago

This won some awards or something. I guess it's a decent ad, but it also cost several million.
What do you think, can't we do better?

Chalk Animation 02:54

Chalk Animation

by bcmoney
3090 views, 5396 days ago

YES WE CAN... as can be seen in this creative and innovative, low-budget (i.e. the cost of chalk, plus alot of one dude's time) indpendent advert that's already gained over 5 million views online. ...

SUMO Squash - Ad for Pagers 00:26

SUMO Squash - Ad for Pagers

by boomstick
3305 views, 5374 days ago

Rediculous ad by SmartBeep for their Pager campaign back in 2005 with a Japanese Sumo .vs. Giant African dude.

If Programmers Built Planes 01:00

If Programmers Built Planes

by bryan
2848 views, 5358 days ago


Funny Mastercard Ad 01:16

Funny Mastercard Ad

by dick
4143 views, 5330 days ago

guy gets caught by girlfriends dad when he asks her for some head

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials 01:33

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials

by dick
2671 views, 5330 days ago

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials... there are 3 good ones here

Peugot Commercial India 00:45

Peugot Commercial India

by bryan
3322 views, 5328 days ago

Peugot commercial. Converting an old ambassador into a Peugot. Funny stuff, good beat