SNL - Philadelphia Action Figures 01:26

SNL - Philadelphia Action Figures

by devomax
79466 views, 4291 days ago

Transcript for the parody commercial Philadelphia Action Figures


Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell 05:19

Will Ferrell: Mr. Tarkanian, the Boss From Hell

by bryan
10401 views, 5035 days ago

Will Ferrell stars as Mr.Tarkanian, in this classic SNL sketch.

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor 07:14

Will Ferrell - Bad Doctor

30823 views, 18960 days ago

Season 25: Episode 10 Aired 1/15/2000 Cast Dr. Beaman.....Will Ferrell Nurse Jennifer.....Rachel...

Homeless Art Model SNL sketch ft. Will Ferrell 04:04

Homeless Art Model SNL sketch ft. Will Ferrell

by GuterTP
37205 views, 4184 days ago

Art students get a surprise and treat for their male model...

Newsroom - America is not the greatest country in the world 04:48

Newsroom - America is not the greatest country in the world

by bcmoney
41906 views, 2527 days ago

The opening scene to the Pilot Episode of The Newsroom. Airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO.

Conan OBrien (ft. Will Ferrell and friends) - Freebird 08:17

Conan OBrien (ft. Will Ferrell and friends) - Freebird

by bcmoney
6209 views, 4322 days ago

On Conan's last show, he says goodbye to his fans and picks up the guitar with Beck, Ben Harper, ZZ Top, the Tonight Show Band and Will Ferrell plays cowbell and sings Lynryd Skynyrd's 'Freebird'

Best Simpsons Couch Gag 00:54

Best Simpsons Couch Gag

by thesns
40899 views, 4701 days ago

This was voted by users and picked by Matt Groening and team as the best

Infomercial Hell 05:25

Infomercial Hell

by thesns
3846 views, 4463 days ago

Are you tired of the ever present toxins that come from the backbreaking struggle of modern life?

German Coast Guard 00:40

German Coast Guard

by bmommy
3446 views, 4656 days ago

Funny commercial to promote learning English!

South Park - Facebook Sucks 02:35

South Park - Facebook Sucks

by thesns
12614 views, 4244 days ago

Stan is trying to avoid joining Facebook but finds out its too late... his schoolwork and personal time then suffers immediately

The Best of Archer 06:47

The Best of Archer

by bcmoney
2505 views, 3035 days ago

Ridiculous clips from Archer, a show whose premise is "what if Charlie Sheen played James Bond".

John West: Bear Fight 00:29

John West: Bear Fight

by bcmoney
3596 views, 5089 days ago

Fight ! Kikkoman 01:53

Fight ! Kikkoman

by bcmoney
3106 views, 5029 days ago

The classic "Fight ! Kikkoman" video which either intentionally or not, acted as a viral hit for Kikkoman Soy Sauce, shown here with english subtitles.

Communicate With Your Mobile 01:01

Communicate With Your Mobile

by bcmoney
3099 views, 5025 days ago

Not to far from the truth.... A very smart idea, actually!
Original from MetaCafe

Tire Changing - 3 Clips 02:13

Tire Changing - 3 Clips

by bmommy
2126 views, 4947 days ago

Totally whacky GoodYear tire commercials

Pepsi Access 01:06

Pepsi Access

by Jimz
2836 views, 4982 days ago

This is a contest-winning Pepsi commercial by Viral Media Group. For more of their portfolio, visit:

Gummy Bear Trap 00:36

Gummy Bear Trap

by bcmoney
13929 views, 4965 days ago

The original Robot Chicken sketch on Gummy Bear traps and the delicious cannibalism that ensues as a result.

For promotional puproses only, please watch Robot Chicken live and on syn...

SONY - Colors 01:30

SONY - Colors

by bcmoney
2412 views, 4960 days ago

This won some awards or something. I guess it's a decent ad, but it also cost several million.
What do you think, can't we do better?

Sprint dachshund commercial 00:30

Sprint dachshund commercial

by bmommy
6775 views, 4952 days ago

Sprint commercial with 200 oxen/ 200 dachshunds

Mr. T's World Of Warcraft Commercial 00:32

Mr. T's World Of Warcraft Commercial

by DCworks
3149 views, 4822 days ago

Mr. T tells us about his WoW character.