Rudyard Kipling - If 03:15

Rudyard Kipling - If

by bryan
2568 views, 3562 days ago

This is the Movember's Muse. Please support my mission to raise awareness about men's health this month as well as funds for research towards a cure for prostate and testicular cancers.

This Kid Deserves an Oscar 03:33

This Kid Deserves an Oscar

by dick
2566 views, 5259 days ago

This kid deserves the Oscar for Best Actor... quite possibly more than any other living person.

Eighteen Ways To Pull A Tooth 01:44

Eighteen Ways To Pull A Tooth

by bcmoney
2546 views, 3563 days ago

There's more than one way to skin a cat, and by "skin a cat" we mean powerfully yank out a loose baby tooth.

Yee Haw 01:10

Yee Haw

by vltz
2534 views, 5168 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding, feeling his oats!

Icelandic Horse, bareback pad 00:23

Icelandic Horse, bareback pad

by vltz
2522 views, 5118 days ago

Trying to walk Gat, Icelandic Horse, with one hand while filming with the other -- all she wanted to do was grab the grass.

Orange Teeth 01:08

Orange Teeth

by 5minStudio
2507 views, 5087 days ago

A dinner trick that always works This trick is so stupid but it always works.

Bareback Saddle Pad 00:45

Bareback Saddle Pad

by vltz
2504 views, 5140 days ago

Alex riding Gat with a bareback saddle pad.

Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo, Japan 01:58

Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo, Japan

by bryan
2480 views, 5312 days ago

A walk through Shibuya Crossing, the world's most heavily trafficed pedestrian crossing. Video from Tokyo, Japan (October, 2006)

FILL IN THE ______. 02:54

FILL IN THE ______.

by rballs
2437 views, 5256 days ago

"Fill in the Blanks" Jin featuring You! Jin invites his fans to mix and edit his latest single and/or shoot a music video to it. Download the song exclusively @

Inspiration To Get Active And Follow Your Dreams 06:12

Inspiration To Get Active And Follow Your Dreams

by bcmoney
2387 views, 2849 days ago

Watch this before your next meeting, gym session or any time you're in a tough situation or thinking about quitting something important! No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved t...

Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo 01:35:45

Shhh 00:15


by vltz
2373 views, 5110 days ago

Sneak up and scare!

Drive-By Compliments 00:47

Drive-By Compliments

by Acolin
2356 views, 5006 days ago

Wow, this is just really nice. All you street gangs out there take note, that's right Bloods and Crips I'm talking to you, maybe you guys should try a little less drive-by violence and a ...

EPIC 2015 08:33

EPIC 2015

by astro_fanatic
2355 views, 4680 days ago

This is actually the remastered version of the original EPIC 2014 - Googlezon

EPIC stands for Evolving Persona...

Comb-Over Expert 01:01

Comb-Over Expert

by bcmoney
2348 views, 2803 days ago

The lengths that some men will go to, in order to fight baldness.

Funny Face Photos 00:30

Funny Face Photos

by vltz
2317 views, 5113 days ago

A collection of funny faces my daughters made. Music by DCworks.

Whoa 00:05


by vltz
2292 views, 5110 days ago

Just playing.

Ethics - CEO's 03:01

Ethics - CEO's

by moxy
2290 views, 4943 days ago

I think Ethics -CEO's is MONEY!

David Icke's vindicated by Award-winning 2008 Physicist 05:25

David Icke's vindicated by Award-winning 2008 Physicist

by moxy
2290 views, 4342 days ago

Many people quickly dismissed David Icke as a nut back in 1991 when he seemed to transform almost overnight from an ex-football star, anchorman for the BBC into a Green technology advocate, conspir...

Steve Jobs at Apple, a Retrospective 05:22

Steve Jobs at Apple, a Retrospective

by bcmoney
2266 views, 3962 days ago

Steve Jobs passed away peacefully at the age of 56, after a long battle with