Whoa 00:05


by vltz
2260 views, 5062 days ago

Just playing.

Icelandic Horse trot 00:33

Icelandic Horse trot

by vltz
2705 views, 5063 days ago

Alex riding Gat, Icelandic Horse, in the pasture. She's posting but I'm not sure if Gat is trotting.... UPDATE: I've been informed by Judy Ryder of http://iceryder.net/ that Gat is pacing.

Funny Face Photos 00:30

Funny Face Photos

by vltz
2280 views, 5066 days ago

A collection of funny faces my daughters made. Music by DCworks.

Sleepy Icelandic Horse 00:23

Sleepy Icelandic Horse

by vltz
1862 views, 5066 days ago

Horse gets other horse to get up. Big yawn.

Girl Skipping Fast 00:13

Girl Skipping Fast

by vltz
2231 views, 5066 days ago

Video fast forwarded just for fun.

Icelandic Horse snort 00:23

Icelandic Horse snort

by vltz
2588 views, 5066 days ago

A close up video of my horse.

My girls hate bugs! 00:09

My girls hate bugs!

by vltz
2662 views, 5067 days ago

My girls hate bugs!

Web 3.0 - The Future Is Yesterday 02:07

Web 3.0 - The Future Is Yesterday

by bryan
9926 views, 5069 days ago

CBC radio's in-site-ful coverage into the future of the web: Presenting CBC Radio's vision of Web 3.0 - a new more personal on-line connection. CBC ...

Icelandic Horse, bareback pad 00:23

Icelandic Horse, bareback pad

by vltz
2486 views, 5070 days ago

Trying to walk Gat, Icelandic Horse, with one hand while filming with the other -- all she wanted to do was grab the grass.

the tour of my appart. 01:46

the tour of my appart.

by roly139
8023 views, 5091 days ago

my appart

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture 01:06

Alex rides Orri at a walk around the pasture

by vltz
2189 views, 5091 days ago

Starting Orri with some calm walking around the pasture.

Bareback Saddle Pad 00:45

Bareback Saddle Pad

by vltz
2475 views, 5092 days ago

Alex riding Gat with a bareback saddle pad.

Free Agressive High Fives 01:10

Free Agressive High Fives

by rballs
4248 views, 5106 days ago

Meet Chuck... The Republic of Korea's favorite son, seen here attempting to spread the love and respect in Silim, South Korea.

Gat & Alex 02:42

Gat & Alex

by vltz
2164 views, 5114 days ago

Gat & Alex riding circles around me in the indoor arena.



by bryan
5513 views, 5116 days ago

Now Playing in The YouTube Screening Room: www.youtube.com/ytscreeningroom http://www.nfb.ca/thedanishpoet WINNER OF THE 2007 OSCARĀ® FOR BEST SHORT SUBJECTS ANIMATION A film by Torill Kove...

Alex & Orri 00:47

Alex & Orri

by vltz
2023 views, 5118 days ago

Alex riding Orri, Icelandic pony.

Following 01:42


by vltz
1832 views, 5120 days ago

Alex playing follow the leader with her Icelandic Horse, Gat.

Let me out! 01:20

Let me out!

by vltz
2154 views, 5121 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding wants to go out and play!

Yee Haw 01:10

Yee Haw

by vltz
2481 views, 5121 days ago

Orri, Icelandic gelding, feeling his oats!

Alex Canters 2 00:12

Alex Canters 2

by vltz
2064 views, 5121 days ago

A short clip of my daughter Alex cantering on her Icelandic Horse.